Tips for strengthening the immune system

Tips for strengthening the immune system

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Neonatal period:
The newborn baby is very sensitive to external factors and diseases in the first months of life. The synthesis of the building blocks that make up the baby's own defense mechanism usually begins after the sixth month. Until this period, protective antibodies are passed on from the mother to the baby's immune system. The transmission of protective antibodies from mother to baby occurs especially in the last weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, it is known that the immune system of premature babies is more powerful than premature babies.

Breast milk is also very rich in the building blocks of the immune system. Therefore, the immune system of infants fed with breast milk is much stronger. It is of great importance that breastfeeding is particularly encouraged and that breast milk is the main nutrient in the first six months of life. Vaccination is one of the most important weapons for protection against diseases. Immunization of the babies from the newborn period on time and regularly, this most vulnerable period of the baby's immune system is becoming more and more powerful.

Game age:
Vaccination in children is largely completed. Our children have now developed resistance to vaccine-preventable diseases. Apart from vaccination, balanced and adequate nutrition is very important during this period. The child does not need vitamins in addition to taking different types of food in balanced proportions and in sufficient amounts at meals.

The game is very useful for increasing physical activities in childhood, especially for spending time in open and fresh air, for a strong body and a strong immune system. If necessary by the child's doctor, it is appropriate to use vitamins for support purposes.

School age:
As in all childhood, vaccination is of paramount importance in strengthening the immune system in school children. Repetitive doses of vaccines are important for the long-term protection of infectious diseases prevented by vaccination. A balanced and calorie-adequate diet is necessary to meet the increased need of school-age children. In this period, encouraging and regularization of sport activities helps to make sports a way of life. Children who exercise regularly, become more powerful in terms of both mental and physical health, especially in terms of the immune system.


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