Importance of gynecological examination in women

Importance of gynecological examination in women

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If you are going to gynecological control only when you get sick or feel that there is a problem, it is a good idea to arrange this immediately. From cervical cancer to sexually transmitted cold sores; Many disorders from menstrual irregularities to infertility can be prevented by regular gynecological examination before they appear. Memorial Service Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Department Op. Dr. Contact Hakan directlygave information about the importance of regular gynecological examination in women.

Take precaution against insidious diseases
Continuing regular check-ups in every branch of medicine and being involved in check-up programs have an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of insidious diseases and early diagnosis and treatment of fatal diseases such as cancer. Regular gynecology checks are life-saving for women.

Gynecological problems increase with age
With the beginning of the reproductive age, which we call “reproductive period Kadınlar, the incidence of gynecological problems increases with age. Gynecological problems; environmental factors, bad habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.), drugs used, familial genetic structure may occur due to reasons such as. It is not possible for the patient who goes to regular controls and whose examinations and examinations are regularly recorded by his doctor, will have problems in terms of gynecological follow-up.

Make a smear test once a year
In routine gynecological examination; The woman's external genitalia (vulva), delivery route (vagina), cervix (cervix), uterus (uterus) and ovary (over-adnex) are examined using ultrasound. We also perform microscopic examination of the cervix with pap-smear test, thanks to the pathologist support. Once the result of this examination and smear examination is recorded, it is possible to detect and treat the smallest problem in the woman followed by regular smear and ultrasound examination once a year.

Regular checkups make it possible to prevent cervical cancer 100%
In general, patients present with HPV or herpes virus lesions on the external genitalia (vulva) and palpable masses such as cysts. But the vagina, cervix, cervix, such as invisible places may not notice the insidious problems. With regular checks, problems in these areas can be detected and treated. Regular checkups can detect an insidious infection in the vagina or a precursor lesion that may later become cancerous. The incidence of cervical cancer in the world is second after breast cancer. It is in the first place in developing countries. Nowadays, cervical cancer is 100% preventable disease with early diagnosis and smear test follow-up program thanks to regular checks. With early diagnosis, it is possible to catch cancer precursor lesions and treat them without the need for uterine removal.

Ovarian cysts can turn into cancer
A newly developed uterine uterine fibroid or menopausal endometrial hyperplasia (intrauterine membrane thickening), asymptomatic, can be detected in regular controls. Some types of endometrial hyperplasia and treatment-resistant ones may turn into uterine cancer. With regular examinations, precautions are taken against uterine cancer. Other causes of intrauterine thickness increase are polyps and urethra growing into the uterus (Submucous fibroids). These pathological conditions are detected by regular controls and treated by hysteroscopic (observation of the uterus) method before progression. For women who have a spiral for birth control, regular support is provided by regular examination for both infection, smear test and spiral location. Cyst problems in the ovaries can cause menstrual irregularities or pain, and can be insidious. Ovarian cysts increase the likelihood of cancer as the person's age increases. Regular examinations and examinations prevent ovarian problems.

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