Dirk Kuyt and paternity

Dirk Kuyt and paternity

Fenerbahce's star footballer Dirk Kuyt, his wife Gertrude, children Noelle (7), Roan (5), Jordan (3) Aidan (9 months) posing with our lenses, while talking to both Fenerbahce and his family talked about his love.How does it feel to be the father of four? Dirk Kuyt: It's a perfect feeling, and I love being kids and being a father. But above all their health. I need to be very well organized for life with four children, me and my wife pay particular attention to this. However, the real burden on my wife, my wife takes care of everything. That's why I'm proud of him.How do you deal with four kids?Gertrude Kuyt: It's really hard, but we love kids. We decided to have so many children.

Were all the kids planned, no surprise?G.K: Yeah, it was all planned, no surprises.
Can the number of children in the house be five?G.K: I would love to have five children, but I guess my body is not that strong. Because I had some difficulties in your last birth. I think this number will stay at four.What do you do with your children?
G.K: We usually plan according to my wife's workload because we like to spend time together. The kids started school, so I'm taking care of them. The boys are interested in football, my daughter plays tennis and goes to dance classes.Can you make time for yourself at this intensity?G.K: Yeah, yeah, I'm neglecting to take time for myself. Every morning, after having the kids make their breakfast, they go to school, so they stay with me all day. Our youngest baby, Aidan, is only 9 months old, so I'm staying with them at home, but I'm not having trouble because my sister is with us. I'm doing my own sport the rest of the time.Did you like Istanbul or get used to it?G.K: Yes i love it. I especially like the weather being hot. Other than that, I really liked the Turkish cuisine, especially the fish restaurants one is great.D.K: I've seen a lot of support from everyone since I came here, especially Fenerbahce Club welcomed us very well. And not only that! We have seen great support and interest from the fans. We got used to our house here, we searched schools for our children and enrolled them in their schools. Everyone's happy now. For example, my daughter goes to dance school, and one of my sons enrolled in a football course. My little boy also plays football often! When the weather is nice, they go out to the garden and play football.

How did your love begin?D.K: When I was 18, I was on the bus and then on the train when I was going to football practice, and my wife was passing by the bicycle every day. That's how I first got my attention.

One of you is on the bus, one of you is on the bike.D.K: We both had friends with him, one day I met a friend next to him and I asked him to introduce me to Gertrude. We organized a meeting and we met.Are there any hard points about being a father?D.K: Not for me. Although it may seem difficult from time to time, I enjoy everything I have experienced. And the majority of the burden is on my wife's shoulders, so I'm proud of her. It is very important for me that my children are happy and healthy.What are the differences between Kuyt before becoming a father and Kuyt after becoming a father?D.K: For the first time, I was 24 years old when I was a father, it was a long time ago olmadan Before you have a child, you are more free, you can go wherever you want, but there is nothing like having children mekI want to ask your husband about it, what kind of father is Kuyt?G.K: He is a very good father elbette It is very busy because of football, but when he is at home he devotes himself completely to his children.

The number of men in the house is quite high! Therefore, football is always on the agenda. Isn't that a bit boring for women in the house?
When I first met my wife, it had nothing to do with football; But now he is also living a life intertwined with football. My kids love football.

Do you want your sons to be football players? D.K: Football and sports are very important in my life. So far I've seen benefits in all areas. I see that my children also enjoy the sport. Whatever they do; tennis, football or anything else, it doesn't matter. As long as they do sports. If they become footballers, I will pass on my own experiences to them. What was your biggest difficulty in raising children?G.K: Nothing is difficult for me. Because I love my kids. I enjoy it no matter what I do with them. Especially the holidays we went with as a family are very enjoyable.Are you better off with boys or with your daughter?G.K: There isn't much difference, in fact, almost the same. Our daughter is like a girl; sweet and loves to bring himself to the fore. Men are just like boys; each one sports lover.What about the love of Fenerbahce… D.K: Of course my love for Fenerbahce is very big. Ever since I got here, everyone has been very kind to me, supporting me. Fenerbahce is a very big team, I think to play football for many years.

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