Jenin's journal (2 months)

Jenin's journal (2 months)

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I'm measuring my age here in weeks, and now I'm five weeks old. After those naughty sperm hit me, my balance broke down, little doctors came to cure me, they were also artists, and after healed me, they drew four cavities in the upper part of my body and a tiny bump in the middle part. Even he is making tiny fluffy noise; pıt, pıt diye .The little painter says that he has drawn me a very sensitive heart. He also said that he had more work, he would divide me into three layers, and then he'd draw all my organs. The outermost layer is called ectoderm; brain and spinal cord, which are the main elements of my nervous system, such as hair, skin structures will work in this layer. The middle layer is called mesoderm; my heart and circulatory system, my bones, my muscles, my kidneys, and my genital organs would form in this layer. And finally, the innermost layer is endoderm; my intestines, stomach, liver, pancreas, such as my internal organs will draw here. What complicated things işler

I'm 6 weeks old and I'm tall, I don't know what apple means, but I'm as much as its kernel (2mm.), Maybe you know it, but I'm just discovering myself and learning. Let me tell you something, mom and dad are aware of my journey, they're waiting for me. They started to change a lot of things for me in their lives, your mother is constantly nauseous and vomiting, even telling the father not to approach her that she smells, I don't understand why. Then he doesn't dye his hair, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't drink because these are habits that can hurt me. I was like a picture, my umbilical cord, my eyes, my ears and my mouth were already scratched. My heart stores blood for these newly drawn organs, and my tissues are developing rapidly. We're going to vomit again, sorry mmmmm, see you…

I'm seven weeks old, you know? Now I look more like the other world, my head is a little bigger, my face is formed, my eyes are still closed, but I have arms and legs, soon my fingers will come out, the cells that will form my bones begin to develop, and I am a little grape, no longer how big I am, do you? Now you must be amazed at how I know so much, but they told me all of this, that they had to do it so that I wouldn't be afraid to grow up. Or I didn't know what the heart and the brain were like the other fetuses. My nostrils, my intestines, my pancreas, my bronchi are becoming more visible. If the little painters work at this speed, I will soon be huge. Meanwhile, the mother is still vomiting, I'm gaining weight, she's getting weaker. Our doctor told him to eat something called rak cracker önce before he got out of bed in the morning, and I was curious to taste it, let's eat it. Because he drank a lot of water at meals, his stomach was filled with water, and sometimes he drank so much water that he came here, I'm going to drown, I'm afraid kork

I am 8 weeks old and now my name is “fetus”, which means “young Latince in Latin, what does Latin mean? Now my arms and legs are extended, my shoulders, elbows, hips become apparent. And now I'm as big as a strawberry. Nowadays, the mother gets angry with me, because she was pregnant with me and she had a lot of pimples, she told our doctor “I just wanted a baby, not an acne”, but after the first three months, the doctor said that the beautiful lady wouldn't want to live with you. Olun Calm down or they may stay stubborn to you, ”the mother quieted. I'm twice as big this week, those little painters came to my toes and toes and drew something, and they called it "quotes." And then under my gums in my mouth
They draw. They said it would be very useful and they laughed giggly. They're weird.


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