On motherhood with Pınar Tezcan: I Fall More in Love Every Day!

On motherhood with Pınar Tezcan: I Fall More in Love Every Day!

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We haven't seen you in fashion shows for a long time, what are you doing?
I've been taking care of her since my daughter was born. My whole life is indexed to my daughter. Now we're slowly moving to solid food, trying to get used to it. We're going for a ride together, trying to meet whatever my daughter needs. When I was two and a half months pregnant, I went to Cengiz Abazoğlu fashion show in Paris, but it was not clear that I was pregnant because I had no belly. I didn't give birth to children, I want to spend plenty of time with my baby. I don't have to worry about working like crazy, running around. If it's a very special fashion show, I will.

How was your pregnancy?
My pregnancy was very good. I don't have nausea or vomit. I was having such a comfortable pregnancy that I flew to the Maldives in the sixth month. Before I left, of course I went to my doctor's check, everything was fine, and Derin and I were very healthy. That's why I never worried.

How did you know you were pregnant?
Deep asked us to come on our own, which was totally surprise for us. I'm so happy I can't tell you. When I found out that I was pregnant, I was very surprised, I experienced all my emotions: Joy, confusion… I told my wife later, she was surprised, just like me, but we were very happy after we both threw our surprise.

You got married when you were pregnant, right?

Yeah, I was three months pregnant when I got married. Actually, we were planning to get married in September, and in April, when I found out that I was pregnant, we put the marriage forward.

So were you ready to be a mother?
Yeah, I was ready because I always wanted to be a mother. We're three brothers and I'm the oldest, so I've had this kind of experience before. I'm so fond of Derin, I can't leave it to anyone.

How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy?
I gained 15 kilos, but I only got my belly. There was no bloating in my body. Some part of it went away after birth, but it lasted up to five kilograms, four months, because the body is protecting it. Then they went too.

Have you ever watched for sports and nutrition?
I did pilates as a sport, I swam plenty and walked. I didn't follow a special diet program, I've never been a junk-eating person, and this habit has continued in my pregnancy. I was very healthy, I ate plenty of vegetables, fruit and fish. My favorite thing was pasta. I constantly wanted to eat pasta.

Did you have any desire for your baby's gender?
I was so excited, and I thought it would be a man first. Because I loved boys and I wanted to have a son. But now I'm so happy to have a daughter, after all, after you've been a son, it doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl.

How did you give birth?
I gave birth normally and it was incredibly comfortable. Even though I had reached the 41th week of my pregnancy, I did not know how to be born deep. Eventually they gave me artificial pain. But it took me five minutes!

I mean, was it really that easy?
Yes, in fact, doctors take the expectant mother to the maternity ward before the baby descends to the canal. That is why the expectant mother pushes for too long and gets tired unnecessarily. And when the baby doesn't show up, In fact, it is the fault of the doctors gerçek After the baby enters the birth canal, the actual birth should begin. Before I gave birth, I would be afraid of normal birth, oluy How come this baby comes out of here ?! ” But you can see what miracles nature does after you get pregnant. I've seen how easy it is to have a normal birth and I've decided how difficult it is for a cesarean section. Because I went to my house the day after birth, I was walking very comfortable.

Has your wife gone into labor?
Yeah, he did. In fact, he didn't want to enter at all, and I didn't want to, but my doctor was a friend of mine and he took my wife into her arm and even got Derin's umbilical cord cut. Now he's very happy that he went into labor.

How did you feel when you first held her?
There is a photograph taken at that moment, my mouth remained open in surprise. I was very excited when I first held her in my arms, but as the sharing between me and my original baby increased, I became more and more in love with her.

Have you been to pregnancy courses?
Yeah, I went and saw a lot of benefits. Since I was going to be a mother for the first time, I went with a lot of questions in my mind and got all the answers. I learned some first aid and baby care practices.

Did you panic in the first days?
Yes, there were times when I panicked; I'm worried if he gets choked, he can't breathe, or he cries a lot. You're home alone, and you don't know why you're crying, he's looking at you. But at the end of the first month you learn why she cries, when she gets hungry, when she has to gas. In fact, the first month, the mother and the baby know each other.

What changed motherhood in you?
He taught me to be patient and endure. Now you stop putting yourself in the center of life and start putting your baby. I've become a completely different person.

How was the postpartum period?
I didn't have the L of puerp Syndrome. In fact, my wife at that time, "I think you're an alien," he said. Like many things in life, I knew it would be difficult to look after a baby and I prepared myself. That's why I had no bad surprises.

Does your partner help you with baby care?
Deep since my first birth, my wife has been very supportive. We spent many sleepless nights together, so he woke up from his sleep and helped me, never left me alone.

Are you breastfeeding?
Deep sucking, took breast milk for the first six months. We've just moved on to additional food. The more he wants to suck deep, the more I will suckle. Because at that moment he feels safe, why should I take that feeling from him… I drink plenty of fennel tea for milk. Every night I get up every two hours and give milk, sometimes even nights I don't sleep. But I don't complain at all because motherhood is such a thing.

Deep how would you like a child?
First of all, I want a child with conscience and character. He should know how to share. I often talk to my wife about this: How did our parents raise us in this way, how did we instill these feelings in us, how can we teach Derin these things?… He will probably learn everything over time. In fact, we determine what a baby will look like when he grows up, so I think the most important is a one-to-one dialogue between a mother and her baby. Not to mention a child who should be really taken care of.

What kind of mother do you think you'il be in the future?
I don't think I'm gonna be a dominant mom, I didn't grow up with a mother like that. I become more friends, at the same time I direct him, but I set him free to find his own truth.

Who named Deep?
I put it. I loved the name Derin, and I always said that if I had a daughter, I would call it Derin.

Derin is also used as a male name, if your baby was a man, would you name it Deep again?
No, I like Derin as a girl's name, if our baby was a boy, his name would be Ali. So if my second child is a boy, his name is already ready.

Ali has a special meaning?
So I've been able to love the name Ali, my wife's late father's name is Ali. So if my wife and son, I would like to put the name Ali says dur We love you husband and wife you will understand this name.

Are you the only one taking care of Derin?
Yeah, I'm the only one I'm interested in, almost everything I'm doing since I was born. Not everyone is like me, of course, I've been a weird after becoming a mother.

When do you think about the second child?
He must have a brother, not alone. But I don't know when. Maybe a surprise again.

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