Pregnancy in the summer

Pregnancy in the summer

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Pregnancy is a difficult period. Especially in the summer! However, it is possible to avoid hot days without paying attention to some points. Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Assoc. Dr. Contact Müge directly's suggestions with a pleasant summer period is waiting for you.

: What points should mothers be aware of when going out in the summer?
Assoc. Dr. Muge Harma: The mothers should wear thin clothes when going out in the summer, and if it is obligatory to come out during the hours when the sun comes upright, sunscreen with high factor creams should be applied to the skin and a hat should be worn. Shade should be preferred when walking. Clothes should be light colored fabric and should be thin. Dark clothing attracts the sun and makes the pregnant woman feel warmer. In summer, pregnant women can enjoy summer or morning and evening walks if possible; before 10 in the morning after 4 in the evening. They should drink plenty of water and have it with them to meet their fluid needs while wandering outside.

: How does warm weather affect the unborn baby?
Assoc. Dr. Muge Harma: Since the fluid needs of the body will increase in summer, if the required fluid needs are not met, problems such as urinary tract infections, constipation, hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), pregnancy, premature birth or miscarriage of the pregnancy, oligohydramnios (less than normal amniotic water of the baby), development of the uterus the risk of encountering many situations such as low. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women consume at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. When exercising in extremely hot weather, consumption of half a glass of water at intervals of 15 minutes can also be a practical suggestion.

: What kind of nutrition program should be implemented in summer?
Assoc. Dr. Muge Harma: Low-calorie low-fat foods should be preferred. As a cooking method, frying should not be preferred. Salads to be prepared from seasonal vegetables and fruits are suitable foods. Consumption of fruits and vegetables will be highly beneficial in terms of vitamin cure and fluid intake.

: What are your recommendations for expectant mothers and what points should they pay attention to during the trip?
Assoc. Dr. Muge Harma: Making a holiday plan during pregnancy is not restricted. However, since long journeys may affect the circulatory system negatively, you should definitely try to regulate the circulation with an interval of 2 hours.
In the case of air travel, a medical examination and report should be obtained beforehand. It should be avoided that long journeys in the near term to delivery may be risky in the late pregnancy.

: Can expectant mothers enter the sea? What are the positive and negative aspects?
Assoc. Dr. Muge Harma: The ideal sports for mothers are walking and swimming. Swimming will work the whole muscular system of the body and will have a positive effect on the circulatory system. Water gymnastics will also benefit. Swimming will also reduce sweating and feeling warm. However, the rules to be considered when entering the sea or pool is to ensure the cleanliness of the water. Unclean water can cause infection in general.

: Which points should he pay attention when sunbathing?
Assoc. Dr. Muge Harma: With the effect of hormones during pregnancy, dark pigmentations are formed on the skin. Since sun can exacerbate this condition, sun creams with high protective factor should be used. In addition, it is recommended to use moisturizing creams against the side effects of excessive drying of the skin.

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