Popular baby boy names

Popular baby boy names

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Choosing names for babies is not an easy matter. Families try to pay attention to many issues when choosing a name. In addition to the names kept in each period, periodically popular baby girl and baby boy names are also included in the infants.

Are you curious about the most popular baby names of 2015? Here are the most popular names of 2015:

Most popular baby girl names (10 most popular baby girl names)

1. Zeynep
2. Ecrin
3. Elif
Island 4
5. Duru
6. Deep
7. Rain
8. Hira
9. Mira
10. Silk

Most popular baby boy names (10 most popular baby boy names)

1. Ali
2nd Order
3. Yusuf
4. Omar
5th Alp
6. Mert
7. Wind
8. Kerem
9. Honor
10. Aegean

I don't want to choose popular baby names for my baby. On the contrary, if you want to choose different baby names, we offer 5 suggestions for both baby girl and baby boy. The choice is yours…

Different baby girl names

1. Çağıl: The sound of waterfall
2. Beliz: Sign, trail
3. Elis: A fragrant flower
4. Gupse: Heartfelt
5. Color: The sensation of light reflected by the objects

Different baby boy names

1. Batur: Courageous, hero
2. Karan: Brave, courageous male
3. Uras: Luck, fortune
4. Barkın: Navigate, see
5. Çağkan: Energetic with hat


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