Birthday party recommendations for kids

Birthday party recommendations for kids

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Your child's birthday party

1. This party is your child's party. Therefore, do not plan according to your wishes and ideas. Talk to your child about it weeks ago. Ask him for his opinion. Ask her with the details of how she wants a birthday party. Your child's choice of venue may be a restaurant or a play center. Realistically share your budget, possibilities, creative ideas, and the energy you have in them, and try to design a party in collaboration with it.

2. As the responsibility of the children increases as the age of the children gets smaller, it will be difficult for you to manage the party yourself. You will have so much work to do during the party that you can't even guess. You will even host their families as well as children. It will not be easy to do all this carefully, so ask a close friend, carer or friend to help you on this special day, so everything will be much easier.

3. If your child is younger, your situation is a little more difficult. It's not easy to design a party, especially for kindergarten children, so let's say it's easy for you in advance. The most important thing you need to do is to find things to keep your child and his friends busy. This process starts with the arrival of your first guest and ends with the departure of your last guest from the party. Therefore, during this time, you should provide activities and space for the children in the party. You don't need to be afraid. If you put the toys that children can play in easily accessible places and give them the opportunity to play together, you will achieve your goal. The toy is ideal for many children, such as legos, puzzles, or trains. You can make toy kits that help make necklaces or other accessories for girls. You have not looked at the draw, you can tell children a fairy tale by gathering together. If you're a little creative and entertaining, they'll surely enjoy this fairy-tale time.

4. Teach your child some behavior about gifts. Young children often talk very hard about it. Therefore, try to explain to your child the importance of having a birthday party with their friends, not gifts. Tell him he shouldn't make bad comments about gifts he doesn't like. Have her friends leave the party and thank them all for coming to her party. Try to focus your child on human values, yes, it will be difficult to do as the age gets smaller, but you will do what you can, gradually your child will learn the true values.

5. Never leave safety at hand. Of course, although the child may seem a little scary, keep calm and cool. Eliminate materials that may cause danger in your home (fire, lighters, needles, knives, etc.) or that may break (glass, porcelain, etc.). Make sure the windows and balcony doors are secure. Watch out for the balloons, suddenly exploding balloons are dangerous, so don't over-inflate the balloons and have children play with small balls instead of balloons. Try to keep children away from the bathroom and the kitchen, so don't let them use them often, direct them to more appropriate places. And most importantly, make sure who gets them at the end of the party, don't entrust children to someone you don't know, don't know, or let them leave the party alone.

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Have fun and of course it's easy for you all!

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