If your child is limping, it may be due to infection!

If your child is limping, it may be due to infection!

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Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology Dr. Teoman Benli talks about the toxic inflammation of the hip joint, which should not be neglected, especially in children of walking age…

Although a toddler falls too much; bones are more elastic because fractures are rare. Dr. Freckled; De In the rotational forces of the sprain, the toddler fracture (todler fracture) can be seen in the toddler. This fracture may cause spiral fracture of the tibia and may cause difficulty in diagnosis. If there is no trauma, the most common disease called 'Temporary Synovitis' (Toxic Synovitis) in children 1-5 years of age causes limping. Viral upper respiratory infections such as the flu in children involve the hip joint. The child has not suffered a fall or trauma. Her family also does not have a history of trauma. However, when investigated, the child may be found to have had influenza infection or upper respiratory tract inflammation in the last 3 weeks. The limping of the toxins of viruses is caused by the increase of fluid in the hip joint and the involvement of the intra-articular tissues (synovitis). Fever is either absent or mild. In clinical examination, it is painful to rotate the hip in and out. Radiology and laboratory tests are normal; a slight increase in joint fluid and lymphocytes in the hip.

Treatment is rest and painkillers. Within 1 week, the disease goes away on its own. However, the limping child must be taken to an orthopedist. Because an overlooked trauma can cause fractures and dislocations to limp and cause the child to cry while walking. Also the hip joint is with bacteria; Acute septic arthritis, which is quite noisy with findings such as high fever, weakness and joint redness, is also common in this age group. In addition, childhood rheumatic joint involvement (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) and bone tumors may cause limping in this age group. For these reasons, the signs of limping should never be neglected in children aged 1-5 years. ' in the description.


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