How do I make my child love history?

How do I make my child love history?

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I'm sure there are some of you who have made comments like lığı where did this come from now ce when you saw the title, neden why should we teach history to a child who goes to kindergarten? Yes, you are right, there are different courses in our education system to teach children history, but I ask you how many of these lessons we gain awareness of history or travel to different historical places. My answer to these questions is unfortunately negative because I think that history education, especially during primary school years, has nothing to do with giving me a sense of history. The education I received during these periods was limited to memorizing and could not introduce me to the real face of history science. When I started to realize my shortcomings in this matter, I can say that I met with history.

Last week, I visited a group of tourists from the Netherlands and one of the palaces in Istanbul. During the visit, tourists brought their children of all ages with them. Shortly before the trip began, the children left their families and began to form a small group a little further. When I asked “what's going on, why did the children leave ayrıl, one of the tourists in the café gave me the necessary explanation, the children were going to walk with a different guide, according to their age-appropriate travel program. I was really interested in this situation and I started talking to the guide who was going to walk the children. In addition to history education, the guide was a lady who had pedagogical education and had been guiding children for 6 years. When I asked him why he was doing this job, he mentioned that he preferred this profession in order to give children a sense of history and how interested children were in history when the necessary education was provided.

I thought we could do about it and what we are there such people in Turkey altitudes wondered whether he did a short survey. Yes, the situation was not as bad as I thought, there's foundations and associations who are working on this issue in Turkey. One of them Cultural Awareness Foundation. The Foundation Culture Ants It is a shame that we still do not claim our own history and culture while this type of project is being carried out in our country.

If you think like me, take action to give your child an awareness of history and culture at an early age and start spending these beautiful summer days in historical places with your child.

What can you do?

• You can take your child to different historical places to see these places and discover the magic of history. If there are any stories you know about where you take your child, tell them to your child, and with the help of these stories, your trip will be both fun and fun.

• Get something to remind your child of the place you've been going to, because young children are very impressed by this type of gift, trying to remember the trip by linking that gift to the venue.

• When you make such a trip with your child, your child, who modeled you, learns your common sense against history and starts to gain awareness of history.

• Before you go to these places, you can take advantage of the books written for children about these places. If you cannot find these types of books, you can read them to your child by simplifying the text from adult books. Such an activity will help your child get an idea of ​​the place to visit before the trip.

• Try to access the pictures of the place before you go. Prepare a trip booklet for your child with different pictures. Paste the pictures of some works showing the different parts of that place or exhibited in that place on paper and take these papers with you during the trip. Try to find out where these pictures belong to in the place you visit.

• You can follow the history trips that some foundations or associations have prepared for children, and it can be much more fun for your child to participate in this type of trip. Because during this trip, your child will have the opportunity to become friends with other children who have participated in this trip as well as completing this trip by getting historical information appropriate for his / her development.

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