Important rules for pregnant women

Important rules for pregnant women

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1. Exercise
There are many benefits to exercising during your pregnancy. However, you should make sure that these exercises do not cause excessive fatigue. The mother must enter the birth form in full form, which requires great energy. For this reason, it is useful to walk in open and fresh air every day. Long and tiring walks do not help. You should also avoid sudden and sharp movements and heavy lifting.

2. Weight gain
You should pay attention to your weight during pregnancy. In general, it is considered normal to gain 9-12.5 kg during pregnancy. Until the 20th gestational week 2- 2,5 kg, 20.-26. It is ideal to take 2-2,5 kg more until the gestational week.

3. Working life
You can do your normal job unless otherwise stated. However, it is a risk factor for preterm labor to work in fatigue and physical activities.

4. Journey
Unless otherwise told, you can take short trips. On longer journeys you should take a short walk every two hours. There is no harm in traveling with airplanes with cabin pressure adjustment. Because of the inconvenience of the seatbelts, you should sit back in the seats.

5. Bathroom
It is OK to take a bath during pregnancy and puerperium. Make sure that the bath water is not too hot or too cold. You should be careful in terms of events such as slipping and falling in the bath in the later stages of pregnancy. There is no harm in swimming during pregnancy.

6. Clothing
The dresses you wear should be practical and comfortable. Do not use tight corset, garter, rubber sock tie. You can use special pregnancy corsets in case of abdominal wall insufficiency. As long heels increase the risk of falling, prefer flat and comfortable shoes.

7. Bowel movements
During pregnancy, your bowel movements may be irregular and you may experience severe constipation. Therefore, try to gain the habit of going to the toilet once a day during pregnancy. Eat vegetables and fruits to get rid of these complaints. You can maintain your bowel movements regularly by drinking the appropriate amount of water and doing simple daily exercises.

8. Sexual intercourse
Except for the last month of pregnancy, sexual intercourse is OK. However, if there is a risk of bleeding and premature birth, you should avoid sexual intercourse.

9. Breast and abdominal care
While there are no proven methods to prevent breast and abdominal fractures, there is no harm in skin care with various creams. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy facilitates the formation of these cracks.

10. Oral and dental care
At the beginning of your pregnancy you need to identify and treat your teeth in need of treatment. After each meal, it is useful to clean your teeth with floss and brush your teeth. From the 4th month of pregnancy, gingival growth and tenderness may occur with hormonal effects. This situation may turn into gingivitis in some women in a short time. A glass of water with a teaspoon of salt and 7-8 drops of liquid prepared by squeezing lemon is useful to gargle. Surgery can be performed on the teeth during pregnancy. Mercury amalgam is not recommended.


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