Accept your child as is

Accept your child as is

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The transfer of technology uz We live in a period in which values ​​change, individualization of people is acceptable, in every sense the inter-human race is supported, emotionality is incapable, emotion is deeply boring, brands are in the forefront and friendships are in demand in virtual environments. In order to keep up with the time, parents run, unconsciously digesting these changing values ​​and transforming them into lifestyles. In all the hustle and bustle, the children and the way they raise them have their share. As soon as the child is born bel perhaps earlier-plans are made in the head. Should he ride, go to the ballet or play the piano? Which kind of school, then private school? Maybe he starts dreaming “and then wherever he does his master abroad?…” The child needs to be wise to achieve the goals set by the parents. This is being investigated for how the child's intelligence can be improved. Any toys that are believed to have developed intelligence are purchased. To achieve all these goals, of course, you need to make money, too. They work day and night to prepare the child's future. The house is tired and tired, there is no time and energy left to care for the child, sometimes it is not even possible to see him without sleep. In such a scenario, not only children but also parents are harmful. A mechanical world where ambition and race are valuable for children; and the parents anne cannot even remember why they had children bir, a life where children grow up before they can reach the true taste of having a child…

Is it a bad thing to send the child to the ballet, get a piano lesson? Providing opportunities to the child as much as the possibilities allow, of course, cannot be bad. But while we are trying to rasp our child from the corner to see who actually wants it, to match the image of the child in our minds, let's realize who our original child is, whether we miss his individual personality traits or his own wishes. Let's question whether we can put our child aside and accept our own child as it is.

Trying to do something that she doesn't have a child will harm her soul. The self-confidence of a child who feels unacceptable by his own parents is abused. It is difficult to express itself and express their desires. As in his relationship with his parents, the feeling that he should always be the person that others always wanted, but when he was like this, would be accepted and loved. When children are confident that their parents will love them because they are “just themselves lar, they take the first steps in peace, self-confidence and self-confidence in life.

As for toys; Does our child really need all these visual and mechanical materials consumed in two days of pleasure? Or is all he needs to be able to feel the warmth and sincerity of communication in a conversation held hand in hand and on the lap? A cup and a spoon to feed the baby, puff on a scene made of two cloth puppets, two sticks to make a horse and run together in the house…. Actually, it's straight forward, boy. You need to know to look in the eye, to touch your soul.

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