Winter depression can be at your doorstep

Winter depression can be at your doorstep

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Ayşe Yanık Knudsen, Psychologist at the Center for Change Therapy and Counseling, said, hal This clinical condition usually begins in winter and reaches its most severe level until the arrival of spring. However, in order to make a diagnosis of depresyon winter depression depresyon, the symptoms of depression must appear for at least two consecutive years in the winter season without being connected to any other cause. ”

Symptoms of “Winter Depression“

Depending on the return of the season, the shortening of the days and the days when the light is less visible, some people appear in a sad and melancholic mood. With the early darkening of the weather, the effect of cold weather and the decrease in outdoor activities, one is drawn to his inner world. Continuous pessimism, lack of energy, stagnation, excessive feeling of fatigue, unhappiness, despair, unwillingness, headache, desire to cry while not paying attention to himself, disregard for personal cleansing, clutter, insomnia or, on the contrary, excessive sleep, appetite changes, sugary and starchy Indulging in food increases. In particular, an increase in appetite can be observed. Other symptoms of winter depression include lack of desire to go to school or work, lack of concentration and poor performance, reduced physical activity and laziness.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks May Occur

People with winter depression may experience extreme anxiety and panic attacks. This seizure gives the person so intense feelings of fear and discomfort that he feels that something bad is going to happen or that he is coming to an end and that he will die. The person who experiences this storm of fear naturally shows the behavior of escaping from that environment and situation.

Psychological changes, distancing from social life, distancing from family life, introverting and entering into discussions with family members may occur. If depression has seriously affected family, business and academic life, it is time to see a specialist.
What to do in treatment?

Natural sunlight is the most effective way to get rid of winter depression caused by longing for the sun. Therefore, you can spend your free time or outdoors on weekends whenever you can. Half-hour walks in the morning will relax you both physically and psychologically.

Make sure your home and office get as much sunlight as possible, and you can leave your curtains open during the day. Ventilating your rooms from time to time allows you to be in a more spacious environment and get clean oxygen.
Exercise 3-4 days a week. In this way, you will feel more vigorous and you will fall asleep at night more comfortably. Exercise reduces anxiety, opens your mind and helps you feel better. If you work in a job that you have to sit on all the time, try to move around and move around your breaks.

When you are alone with yourself, you can get bored and think different. Therefore, do not neglect your social activities, you can go on holiday in winter. You can have fun with your friends. You can go to the cinema or watch comedy series and movies especially when you are at home.

Be Careful of Your Nutrition

Avoid unhealthy foods and ready meals. Eat fruits and vegetables every day. Pay attention to your caffeine and alcohol consumption. Make sure you have salads in your meals.

Make sure you consume water. Although it is difficult to drink water in winter, try to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day. Protein is one of the most powerful sources of the immune system Do not neglect foods containing protein. Pay attention to your sugar consumption and sugary foods. Uncontrolled sugary foods can cause you to gain weight and trigger your depression process. You may also feel more tired after the effects of sugar and caffeine have passed. Especially sugar, your insulin level will cause sudden changes.

Remember to get support from an expert if you can't handle your problems.

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