Pelin Körmükçü about motherhood: Pelin and Selin

Pelin Körmükçü about motherhood: Pelin and Selin

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Ms. Pelin comes from an artist family. Grandfather of the master theater player Hazım Körmükçü. His brother Hazım Körmükçü, also with the same name. Actress Hikmet Körmükçü is also her cousin in the city theaters.

We first met her at 'Another Night'. Pelin Körmükçü, who could take years of acting and presenting together for years, told Mother & Baby what motherhood contributed to her but we didn't see much change, but we can see her motherhood.

Your acting and servering always went parallel. Do you have any new projects now?

Yeah. I'm going to start a show on TV, and it looks like it's going to be a very nice show.

What would you like for Selin?

Whatever Selin wants in the future. My mother and father never pushed me. He even told me about the difficulties of this profession. I don't mean to be an actor for Selin. Because in this profession chance is very important and very difficult now. But whatever he wants.

You know, nowadays there is a very fashionable word or star light in the baby Selin! Would you consider participating in a project together?

Obviously I saw a lot of young children in my own shots. It's really hard for them. That's why I don't want my daughter on the set when she was little.

Is there anything else you can say besides acting?

I always wanted to sing along with acting. I would like to take part in such a project. People will see a different face with my show program for this. I'm gonna sing, dance. One side of acting is singing and dancing Zaten

What kind of pregnancy did you have?

I was very lucky, I had a very comfortable pregnancy. I was on the 7th, everyone was surprised by my mobility. I was 7 months pregnant, still dancing outside at night. I had a great pregnancy. I never had such negative feelings during my pregnancy. I was just crying for everything. It's about hormonal changes. But I want to recommend this to mothers. Don't be a pregnant woman!
Unlike your meticulousness, if you put everything in your head too much, you will surely have more roughness than usual. So keep your heart fresh and enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest.

Mother & Baby is one of the most curious subjects for readers em Are you breastfeeding?

Selin surprised us. I was able to breastfeed for 3.5 months. I was saying I would breastfeed for at least 6 months, but unfortunately it didn't. I have been breastfeeding for 3.5 months.

Was normal birth or caesarean section?

I had an epidural caesarean section. I did not want normal birth. I've never had a complaint. Only the weight remains. But I'm slowly giving them away. Now I've started my normal eating routine and doing sports.

Before Selin; After Selin?

I didn't change much after Selin. I look at life the way I look at it now. But now I'm a mother. I was only Pelin before. Somebody's gonna call me Mom. He's part of me. I still can't believe it. There's someone at home who needs me, waiting for me. But other than that, not much has changed in my life. It's just that we have such a great love. They always said it wouldn't be understood without a mother. I wouldn't believe him, but now I do. My Selin is 4,5 months and I haven't left her for 4,5 months. I miss her for an hour.

Would you like to see you in the same project as Kümmükçü and Hazım Bey and Hikmet Hanım?

I'd love to. So far, we have not been involved in any projects. Because we were all in different lanes. For example, it would be very exciting to share the same scene together in a musical.

Do you have any support from our famous mothers?

Thank you Buket (Dereoğlu) has been very supportive to me. He told me in detail how the caesarean section would be and it made me feel very comfortable. Other than that, we talk about Tuğba (Erbil) a lot about our children. We had a chat with Pınar (Altuğ) about pregnancy in Bodrum. Of course, I got the most important support from my mother. My mother's presence after birth helped me a lot. I had no knowledge of motherhood, birth.

Selin is the son of a Muslim mother and a Jewish father. How will you teach religion?
We left the religion section under Selin's identity open. Have him write whatever he wants in the future. Luckily both of us have a very modern thoughtful family, so this was no problem at all. Believe me, it doesn't matter to me. No matter what he chooses for his life. For me, his health is the most important. But let him learn all religions. I don't want to put any restrictions on him.

Finally, what would you recommend to our mothers and Mother & Baby readers?

Mothers try to be positive from the beginning to the end of their pregnancy. Let them love themselves. They should not be affected by negative thoughts around them. Because you're not the only one in life. Yeah, maybe you're going to gain some weight, deformation. But isn't it worth it ?! These are inevitable, I've always thought so. Let them live their motherhood, their babies. Let them live every moment of their baby. Because they grow up so fast. My Selin has been born for four and a half months, but it seems to me that I am four years old.
Everybody called me a run-in. But I can't hold her when I'm 10. Always in my arms. I live every moment of it.

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