Golden rules in mother-child relationship

Golden rules in mother-child relationship

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The mother-infant relationship, which starts during pregnancy, develops through physical contact and nutrition after birth and becomes a lifelong communication. Dr. Mehmet Yavuz gave information about the importance of this sacred bond for both mothers and expectant mothers.

“The first person a child will love and communicate with is his mother Dr.. Yavuz, the mother's child to feed, care and prepare him for life creates a sense of love and trust in the child, he says. Yavuz says that when the child becomes an adult, he will direct his relations through these two basic emotions and emphasizes that the mother is taken as an example when interpreting life.

Healthy relationship increases confidence

Emphasizing the importance of physical contact in the mother-child relationship. Yavuz, "The mother's smell, body temperature, voice and gaze strengthens the bond between the child. Growing without these emotions, the child may encounter various mental problems when an adult. Especially mother-infant relationship between 0-3 years, is the foundation of the child's spiritual life and self-confidence. "

Stating that the child's mother tongue discovery, meaning of the world in which he lives, and control of his behaviors, the mother developed "imitation" method. Yavuz underlines that abstract and concrete concepts are learned from the mother again.

"Every child is different in terms of biological and genetic structure, intelligence, emotional and social development from others, even his own siblings. Therefore, the most important point of raising children is to approach each child with different attitudes and to act according to the circumstances." Yavuz, especially in the first 18 months of the way of education, the way of raising the child and the emotional interaction established with him creates feelings of confidence or insecurity in the child, he said.

Pay attention to them in the mother-child relationship!

The child, who is dependent on the mother during infancy, discovers that she becomes an itibaren individual itibaren from the age of 4-5 and it is inevitable that the behavior of the mother will change during this period. In this painful period, the mothers should do to ensure that the relationship will continue healthy. Yavuz as follows;

Listen and don't leave unanswered: As soon as you open your eyes to the world, listen patiently to what your child tells you and never leave your questions unanswered.

Clarify the line of respect: knocking on the door as you enter your child's room gives you the right to speak in the same way. By paying attention to such small details, you can develop the concept of respect for your child's privacy.

Be a soft but determined mother: If your child has a nervous breakdown when you say “no", explain to her calmly, softly but decisively.

Pay attention to the communication with the Father !: Yes, you carried him in your womb for 9 months and you took care of him from birth. But remember that the concept of “father olduğun is a very important point in your child's development and it is your duty to create time and ground for the father-child relationship.

Unhappy marriage hurts mother-child relationship

Dr. According to Yavuz, the most important situation that could harm the mother-child relationship is that the child was born in an unhappy marriage as a result of unplanned pregnancy. In this case, the baby opens his eyes in a vulnerable way, even if adopted by his mother after a while the father's attitude affects both the mother and the baby negatively. "Especially in our country, the child's gender and number, is one of the main reasons that determine whether or not to be accepted in the family," he said. Yavuz, mothers who encounter similar situations should receive assistance from an expert as soon as possible, he said.

The mother considers her child unharmed during her pregnancy. Targets change with birth. He begins to question how to raise his baby in order to become a thoughtful, healthy, developed mental curiosity, mature vision, and a safe individual for himself and for people.
Safety is the primary need for your offspring who needs a sensitive care, which is too small to express itself. When someone other than the mother needs to take care of the child, the most plausible option is grandmothers and grandmothers. They're sure to want the child's well-being. You can share the same house most comfortably. They usually recognize you, the layout of your home, your eating habits, your relationships. They are experienced; they know how to manage the house. They usually look forward to the idea of ​​devoting themselves to a job because they don't work or retire. He has plenty of time for his grandchildren, enough patience and willingness to teach. Your mind is even more comfortable, as there is almost no chance of resigning from babysitting. They can accompany the child's growth.

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