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Book recommendations for children

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We continue to book suggestions. This book has four different stories for your children. All but one of the books, all of which are published by Turkish writers.

1. A Trip in the Zoo Bah

Writer: Grandreams Books
Illustrated by: Unspecified
Translated by: View Erol's Full Profile
Age group: 4+
Remzi Bookstore

Did you know that hippos give birth to their young? Have you ever heard that like the fingerprints of humans, no gorilla's nose structure is like that of another? Parrot Geveze and his friends while visiting the zoo, you will learn about many animals, you will have fun making jigsaws on each page. This 12-page book with puzzles is an ideal choice for children.

2.Yellow Yumak Starts School…

Writer: View Şükran's Full Profile
Illustrated by: Contact Nilüfer directly
Age group: 3+
Ya-Pa Publications

A picture book about the excitement of the bear cub named Yellow Fang and the emotions it experiences on its first day at school. The story, accompanied by cute pictures that children can follow with interest, will enable children who are not yet at school to develop a positive attitude towards school.

3.Mırmır is learning the months…

Writer: Contact Uğur directly
Illustrated by: Unspecified
Age group: 4+

In this book, accompanied by the pictures of a cat named Mırmır, the text is presented as color and some as black and white drawings to be painted. In this way, young children will learn about the months in a year and develop their creativity by painting.

4.Red Fish Birthday…

Writer: Contact Serpil directly
Illustrated by: Contact Serpil directly
Age group: 3+
Duru Publications

It is a fairy tale about the encounter of the red fish that forgot that it was his birthday. The surprise end of this picture book, which has been specially prepared in order to contribute to the development of concepts such as number, color and direction of young children, will reinforce the joy of life of children.

Utilized resources:

Çoluk Children's Journal, Issue: 62, September 2006.
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Contact Idil directly
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