Five steps to becoming a parent

Five steps to becoming a parent

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Being a parent or deciding to be a parent is an instinctive behavior that needs to be considered and decided for the right time. Some people suddenly feel it's the right time for them. For some, it is not that easy. They think whether they can carry the responsibility for a new person and a new life in the most accurate way.
To love, to educate, to teach, to share, to feel pain when she suffers, to wake up for her in the middle of the night for months, to take a break from your social life or to make changes… isn't that amazing? Being a parent is something that teaches us life, and maybe the biggest responsibility we'll take in our lives.

Step 1: Good Friend, good wife to be good family
A loving relationship; this is what you will share with your child and what he needs most. Money, order, work and all other changes that your child will make in your life will come from now on. The biggest responsibility you carry towards your child is to offer him a loving family environment and to make a good friendship with him.

Step 2: Know yourself better and love yourself more
First of all, you should know yourself, love yourself and feel that you are ready to help and guide someone else on this journey of life. Most importantly, you should feel the love that you will share with a new life partner.

Step 3: Is your financial situation favorable?
We must present our children and our love, not our belongings. Do you have enough love for emergencies, although you need to have a good financial position to have a child and raise it? A luxury home, two Cherokee jeeps and a yacht may not work in every emergency.

Step 4: Your sense of humor
The most important thing; When your child finds the cat with toothpaste or jelly, writes with your lipstick in your mirror, brand new patterns on your carpets, sofa sets
is able to laugh at it. Believe me, you will encounter such situations frequently, and nothing can help you, except your sense of humor.

Step 5: If you have four yes, you are ready!
Yu responds well to all four approaches in profit, if you can see what happens to you as invariable rules of existence, you don't have to wait. “Just do it! * After sharing all this with you, we believe you will be a good parent even if you don't feel ready. How do you know if you're ready for something you've never experienced? Believe me, you have to try it to know.

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