Happy children of working mothers

Happy children of working mothers

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Is there very little time left to spend all day with your baby? You'll need a few tips to find the right caregiver, balance business with motherhood and raise happy children.

When to start working?

The first two months after birth; difficult months. All your time is spent getting used to this new being, caring for you, the responsibilities it brings to your life, your new body and motherhood. When your baby starts to get in touch and communicate with the environment, the first difficulties are over and being a mother has become more enjoyable. If you are a working mother, it is time to return to work before you can enjoy this pleasure. During this period, if your financial situation is not appropriate, you can switch between working and not working. This is a really hard decision. Because whether it is a small baby or a child of 3-4 years old, his parents are the best looking after him. And therefore, entrusting your child to someone else's hands, whoever it is, bothers you. 'Should I never work?' or 'When should I start working?' If you do not have to work or if you can arrange your day off, you should take care of your baby yourself for the first nine to ten months. Because the care of the newborn is very time consuming and demanding care. During this time, your love, attention, smiling face and your patience while caring can not be shown to you but to you better than you. In the first months, you spend a lot of time on it until you start primary school, making a great investment for your child's physical and emotional development. Keep in mind that when you are small, you may not be able to fully compensate for the deficiencies heard in the past, even if you are more interested in the future. You must take this into account when planning your working life.

How to choose the most appropriate caregiver?

One of the most important decisions to be made after setting up the working time is who will take care of your child. Grandmothers and grandmothers take this job alternately. However, their different disciplinary methods may affect your child's emotional development negatively. Therefore, it is more appropriate for a single person to take care of the child in your home. If you have financial means, you should deal with an experienced caregiver who will take care of your child in your own way.

Before choosing a caregiver, a thorough investigation is needed. You can get in touch with companies that work and train staff about this subject two to three months in advance and get information. Once you have made this connection, you should pay attention to the following points for carers that they send according to your wishes:

1-) Almost everyone can meet the baby's physical needs, the important thing is the complete fulfillment of his emotional needs, which have a very important role in personality development. For this reason, the caregiver candidates should be warm-blooded, able to express their feelings, understandable, have no harmony problems, be patient and of course love children.

2-) Distressed, depressed, cheerful and sincere people who have personality traits are inadequate to provide very important sensory stimuli in child development. Caregivers with such characteristics are not at all suitable for childcare.

3-) For those who are too obsessed with order and cleanliness, their layout and comfort are more important than the child's needs. The child's distraction to play with his toys or the soiling while eating, bothers people and leads to negative reactions. These negative reactions may have detrimental effects on the emotional development of the child and lead him / her to grow up to be intolerant of such situations in the future.

4-) No matter how well educated and experienced, your child may not like the caregiver you find. You should not start looking for a new caregiver when you sense that the person you have chosen has a negative impact on your child, that your child does not like it or does not create a sense of trust.

5-) Constantly changing caregivers leads to feelings of insecurity in the child. At the last moment on this issue, someone decides, 'If we do not like, we will change.' rather, it would be healthier to find the right person through good research. Mothers should deal with the caregiver a few months before starting work and observe them at home. If your child becomes accustomed to the caregiver with you, he or she will get through the negative impact of your separation.

How can I balance work and motherhood?

In order to balance work life and motherhood, all you need to do is arrange your work program to meet the needs of the child. It is very important to take advantage of opportunities. For example, if your workplace is close to your home until the age of three, you can return home for lunch. Or you can make short visits whenever you can. Being together often, even for a short time, rather than a long separation, will reduce the discomfort of not being at home. If you are only full-time on weekends, you should spend most of your time with him instead of chores. For a working mother to have a happy child; Sufficient attention and love is very important.

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