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Ways to Collaborate with Your Child

Ways to Collaborate with Your Child

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Collaborating with your child
Author: Elizabeth Pantley
Publisher: HYB Yayınları
How would you like to know that your child will be willing to cooperate with you? Would you like to learn how to get rid of the fight you encounter every day, stop yelling, scolding, begging? Would you like to deal with disciplinary issues with knowledge and authority? Do you want to increase your child's self-confidence, feel better as a person and even make your marriage more positive?

This book is full of practical suggestions for families with practical, specific goals that can improve your family life. Thanks to the tools and skills offered to Collaborate with Your Child, you can raise happy, confident, self-disciplined children and be happy with the results!

Here is the book we have been waiting for a long time and sincerely welcome… I envy the parents who have the privilege of reading and learning this book.

- From the preface written by Louise Bates Ames, Vice Director of the Gesell Institute for Human Behavior

Kitap This book, Collaborating with Your Child, not only ensures your child's obedience, but also provides you with the necessary methods to build a close, loving and respectful relationship with your child. ”

- Dr. From the preface by William Sears, he co-wrote The Baby Book and The Discipline Book.

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