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Hobby in children: Music and kindergarten

Hobby in children: Music and kindergarten

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Music is one of the important colors of our lives değil Isn't it hard to imagine a life without it? Music is as important for adults as it is for children. Research shows that the phenomenon of music plays an important role in the child's development. For this reason, many experts say that children should be imbued with the phenomenon of music from the mother's womb.

Experts explain the music education at these ages in five main stages.

1.Ability to move with music
2.Ability to discover and identify sounds
3.Ability to discover the potential of singing
4.The ability to sing
5.Ability to play simple musical instruments

Now let's take a look at what these capabilities are and what you can do to improve them:

1. Ability to move with music:

Moving with music is an instinctive phenomenon for human beings. We can see the best example of this in infants, babies begin to respond to sounds shortly after they are born, and then combine some movements with these sounds.

What can you do?
• Make your child listen to different music (classical, jazz, folk…)
Do not try to teach him certain figures, let him create his own movement.

2. The ability to discover and identify sounds:

Children hear a lot of sounds around them and most of the time they don't even notice the sound. They need the help they need to notice them.

What can you do?
Try to find the different sounds around you and make them notice them in your child (for example, the chirping of birds, the sound of the wind…).
Get simple musical instruments to use, the best way for children to learn something is to try it out themselves (block flute, tambourine…)
If there are no musical instruments, provide them with a variety of materials that make a sound, and sometimes these materials may be more appealing to children (pots, spoons ...).
Try to create silent moments when you're with them, listen to the sounds outside in these silent moments together. Ask him questions to find out which sounds he heard.
Try to identify the sounds that interest your child and help them to hear more.
Encourage your child to tell the sounds he / she hears (Can you show me how the wind sounds?)
Play a sound guessing game with your child. Imitate or listen to various sounds and ask him to tell who these sounds belong to and help him guess.

3. Ability to detect singing voice:

Children hear a lot of sounds around them and after a certain period of time (when they start to hear these sounds constantly) they manage to match the owners of those sounds. For example, they begin to perceive your voice soon after you recognize them.

What can you do?
Make speeches that encourage children to sing and allow them to recognize their own voice. (I like this song, can you teach me too?)
Record while they sing and then listen together

4.Sing ability:

Children always enjoy being able to sing a song and accompany it while singing.

What can you do?
Sing along with them.
When singing with them, first let them learn if there are harmonious movements to the song, then try to teach the lyrics of the song.
Encourage your child to make his own song (I made up a song and try to make up his own song)

5.Simple musical instruments playing ability:

This stage is the highest point of music education, children learn to play a musical instrument at this stage.Results show that such abilities are acquired more quickly at a young age, so the education of children in this period is gaining great importance.

What can you do?
If you can use a musical instrument, you can give it the possibility to listen to it live.
• You can also provide your child with a variety of instruments and help them get the necessary education.

Pay attention to your child's music education at an early age and remember that a talent discovered at an early age is always open to development !!!

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