When should you call your doctor during pregnancy?

When should you call your doctor during pregnancy?

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No doctor can tell you exactly when you will give birth unless you have a caesarean section. At the ninth month, there are clues that your doctor expects that birth will begin shortly after. Has her baby settled and settled? What is the head of the baby? When your doctor says you will give birth soon, the meaning of “soon değişebilir can vary from one hour to three weeks. The truth is that; the placement of the baby, the thinning and dilation of the cervix takes place within weeks, sometimes even a month, in some women, while in others it occurs within hours. No matter how good the training, no one can tell you exactly when the birth will begin.

If in doubt, call your doctor. If you check the symptoms many times, you may not be sure that birth has begun. Don't wait to be sure, call your doctor as long as you don't plan to give birth at home. If all symptoms indicate that you are ready to go to the hospital, call your doctor at any time. It doesn't matter if it's late or it's the weekend. If your doctor probably reaches a certain frequency of contractions, for example, 5 or 8 minutes to call itself if you are tempted to call itself. If you suspect that there may not be a real birth, do not infer that this is not true birth. Call your doctor immediately to get a guarantee.

N What awaits you while you wait for your baby ” from the book.

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