Advice on prevention of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Advice on prevention of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

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The hemorrhoid, which is the name of the enlarging, swelling and bleeding of the veins located at the end of the large intestine, is the problem of many people. Hemorrhoids, which have been increasing especially according to genetics and living conditions since the 20s, are more common in women.

Ten Clinical Proctology Specialists Op. Dr. Dr. Kadir Uskuay Anal Region warns mothers about pregnancy in the region.

During pregnancy, hemorrhoids and fissure, such as increased complaints Op. Dr. Kadir Uskuay, "during pregnancy in the womb of the mother's uterus pressure leads to constipation in addition to weight gain and the effect of hormones, such as the effect of enlargement of the vessels occurs as a result of pregnancy hemorrhoids and fissure (crack) formation is more common.

How should it be treated?

Uskuay recommends that treatment should not be applied except for some symptomatic (relaxing) treatments recommended by the physician in the first and last three months of pregnancy if it is not urgent and compulsory, “If you have pain, itching, leaks, bleeding or burning signs or complaints before pregnancy, go to the Proctologist. and they should have the necessary treatments before the pregnancy. ” Kiss. Dr. Kadir Uskuay, 4 to 6 months of pregnancy or postpartum Band ligation (Binding) and non-surgical methods such as laser is recommended. Bandligasyon (Binding) and laser treatments have no side effects Op. Dr. Uskuay, approximately 10 minutes with these methods, patients can be painless or with little or no pain in the hospital can be noted that the treatment.

Recommendations for protection:

On Clinical Proctology Specialist Op. Dr.Uskuay also makes some recommendations to pregnant women to protect them from anal region diseases; “Pregnant mothers, during pregnancy, try not to exceed the weight gain recommended by your doctor, consume plenty of fluids, walk, eat food thoroughly and slowly, chew, eat dried fruit, do not prevent defecation warnings, eat fruits with peel.”


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