Savior of the working woman receives support from the environment!

Savior of the working woman receives support from the environment!

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The number of female employees in Turkey increased with each passing day, TUIK figures, 23.3 per cent, while the proportion of women participating in the labor force rose to 28.8 percent in 2004 shows that in 2011 this rate. While the place of women in business life increases numerically, female employees are starting to take more place in the management positions. Aylin Sezer, an expert from Anadolu Health Center, stated that women's participation in business life does not diminish other responsibilities of women. started. However, working women are still seen as responsible for the house and children. For this reason, working has entered women's lives as an additional role rather than a different lifestyle. ”

Sezer stated that the roles of women and high expectations in business life lead women to experience problems such as inadequacy and inability to catch up. Depression can come to the fore when the feeling of not being able to cope is long and disrupts everyday life. ”

Stating that female employees increased at every stage of business life, Sezer continued, bir In most of the working environments, we can see that the conditions provided are not yet equal between women and men. Şöyle De In unequal working conditions, salaries, benefits and promotions, women are still subject to a restriction, also called a tavan glass ceiling.. Women who are trying to fulfill their roles at home and who are subjected to unfair treatment in business can experience a very challenging process ”

Sezer said that the most important step in coping with intensive and stressful living conditions is to plan and get support. If you are heavier than you can carry responsibilities, it is important to share these responsibilities. Do not hesitate to ask for support from the people you work with at work, first of all with your spouse, family members, and even with your children if they are older and older. ” Stating that a balance between work and home life can sometimes be difficult, Sezer said that women often feel guilty when they concentrate on one side and neglect the other side. Sezer said that women who have a perfectionist personality structure experience these feelings more intensely than men, and at this point, he emphasized the importance of asking for support from the environment. Stressing working conditions as stressful as possible, says Sezer, “This can be 1 hour a day, 1-2 days a week. But in that period, it is important for the woman to be able to do things that are good for her, to nurture her body and soul, to charge her in a sense. Anlam

Referring to the relationship between a happier and more peaceful life and the control of one's life, Sezer said: Another point that needs to be emphasized is that we have realistic expectations from ourselves..

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