Spring activities with your child

Spring activities with your child

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Now the hot weather makes you feel better. Here are some practical suggestions if you want your children to stand up in front of the television or computer and do something new. You can entertain and educate your child with the activities you can do in the garden or balcony. These activities, which can be implemented even with your very young children, will make your child happy. Have fun…

a. Water Xylophone:

• Eight cups
• Two metal thin bars

• Fill each cup with different amounts of water.
• Sort these glasses with the water level from high to low.
• Make a sound by tapping the metal bars on the glasses.
• Let your child hear which sound is coming from which glass.
• Have the children sing along with the silefon.

b. Let's make a boat:

• Egg box
• Fund cardboard
• Reed or wooden rod
• The Plastr
• Small stones

• Cut the sail from the colored background cardboard.
• Tape the sail to the bar
• Glue the sail stick to the egg box with plastrin (patafix).
• Fill a basin with water in the garden or balcony and float the boat with your child.

c. Flower Pot Ornaments:

• Pens
• Wooden rod
• Residual material

• Ask your child to make the desired pictures on the cartons. Decorate these pictures using leftover materials.
• Help them cut these pictures off the edges with scissors.
• Attach the cut pictures to the rods with tape.
• Tell your child that he can put these ornaments in pots at home or school, or even give them to others.

Source: Çoluk Children's Journal

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