Attention to children's sugar consumption during the feast!

Attention to children's sugar consumption during the feast!

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The consumption of sweet foods is increasing with the approach of sugar feast. Women and children who are known for their sweet devotion should pay attention to the consumption of sweet. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Zerrin Aydınis sharing with you the formulas of excessive sweets during the feast.

During the Feast of Sugar, both fasting and non-fasting diets have problems such as excessive sweetness, disruptions due to consuming pastry, timing problems, and inability to adjust the quantity and portion. Children also love their favorite candy and chocolate during this period. But what should be considered for children in sweet consumption? International Hospital Etiler Medical Center Nutrition and Diet Specialist Zerrin AydınRecommends that parents pay attention to the sugary foods that children will consume during Ramadan, and says:

- Children aged six to nine years are allowed to consume 50 grams of sugar or sugary food per day

- Between the ages of 10-12 can only consume 60 grams of sugar.

- For example, the sugar in one serving of pumpkin dessert is 20 grams.

- Four to five tablespoons jam is 100 grams.

- Five or six Turkish delight is 100 grams.

- So it is better if a portion of milk dessert or fruit dessert is not passed. Because other sugar sources are being used during the day.

Feast recommendations for children for parents:

- It is better if children consume desserts that are high in fat and sugar like baklava kadayif.

- Since children are in the period of growth and development, it is a healthier choice to consume milk-rich desserts such as rice pudding, custard, cream shock, ice cream.

- Chocolate and candy are the favorite flavors of all children. 100 grams of chocolate contains 528 kcal.

- One madlen is about 10 grams of chocolate. This means that two or a maximum of three substances can be eaten if other sources of sugar are used per day.

- It is wrong not to give children candy and chocolate altogether. A limitation would be a more accurate approach.

- Consuming too much sweets in children allows the intake of more energy. Risk of weight gain and caries.

Mothers should take care of children as well

Zerrin Aydın warned that women's metabolism works slower than men and said, kadınlar Therefore, women should not compete with their spouses in order to consume sweets and pastries during the feast. This period is the fastest time to gain weight, should be taken to consume lower calorie foods, belirt he says.

Aydın explains the formula of healthy nutrition during Ramadan Feast:

Formula for balancing blood sugar

Blood sugar can be balanced by consuming foods with low glycemic index.

You can use the following formulas:

- A glass of milk + two whole wheat grissini

- Two dried apricots + two walnuts

- A glass of buttermilk + whole wheat bread

- One large apple + six nuts

- A slice of bran bread + a matchbox low-fat cheese

Women can eat milky dessert, ice cream and fruit

- Women have lower basal metabolic rate than men. For this reason, women should not compete with their spouses about eating and drinking.

- They should take lower calories and not eat the same amount as their spouses.

- There are four basic food groups. The amounts to be consumed from these food groups vary according to age groups and women and men. (Milk and products, meat, eggs, legumes, vegetables and fruits, bread and cereals.)

- Eight glasses of water should be drunk to meet the water requirement.

- If the energy expenditure is high, the amount of water to be consumed increases.

- For women, milk dessert, fruit dessert, ice cream are better options.

- Chocolate, baklava, kadayif fat and sugar are high, calories are more desserts. Limited must be eaten. Milky dessert, ice cream, fruit dessert can also be used 2-3 times a week.

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