Feed your child with organic foods

Feed your child with organic foods

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We have started to hear the name of organic food very often. So what is organic food? Memorial Suadiye Medical Center Department of Child Health and Diseases Upset. Dr. Contact Selase directly shares information about the importance of nutrition with organic foods.

Breastfeeding for the first 6 months

The first two years of life are of great importance for infant growth and development. Physical and mental development is quite rapid compared to other periods. Babies increase their weight three times in the first year and their height increases by 50%. In this rapid development process, a healthy and balanced diet protects them from future cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and immune system diseases, and worst of all, malignant diseases due to the accumulation of chemicals. Undoubtedly the most beneficial food in the first 6 months is breast milk.

Foods with chemical additives adversely affect baby development
After 6 months, baby nutrition is rapidly enriched and foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese and yogurt are used together with breast milk. Nowadays, it has become a problem to grow food to the rapidly growing population with industrialization. As a result, with less healthy fertilizing systems and additives, we are able to place every fruit and vegetable in every season. The additives and hormones in these foods accumulate in the body in long-term use and cause health problems. When it cannot be removed from the body, chemicals accumulate and serious health problems can arise for a baby with a life expectancy of 70 years on average. When using non-organic foods, it is necessary to wash them carefully and for a long time, peel their skins and consume vegetables and fruits suitable for the season.

Choose organic foods for healthy development of children

Due to the rapid increase in non-organic agriculture, organic vegetable and fruit production has started as an alternative by some companies. Organic foods, chemical drugs and hormones such as hormones that are harmful to our health does not contain substances that are grown under natural conditions and prepared with natural preservatives.

These products are sold more expensive due to their limited consumption. But the fact that conscious families quickly inform their environment and increase in organic consumption will cause prices to fall and use more organic products. To focus on organic food as much as we can during childhood will ensure our children to live a long and healthy life.

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