A Year of Healthy Nutrition

A Year of Healthy Nutrition

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Healthy eating is essential for a healthy life! How about saying a new year to say hello to healthy and balanced diet? Memorial Atasehir Hospital, Department of Nutrition and Diet. Şefika Aydın Selçuk gave information about the New Year's Eve and the nutritional recommendations you can apply all year round.

Never skip meals for tonight's banquet
Other meals during the day should be spent lighter, as dinner will be consumed more heavily and normally than dinner. It is not meant to stay hungry or skip meals; a light breakfast, soup, salad / vegetable meal, a lunch in the form of yogurt and the fruits you will consume at dinner with a little bit of the weight of the dinner will be balanced. Consuming very little food all day will only have the opposite effect and cause you to eat more in the evening.

Let red meat be white meat on your Christmas table
You should start your dinner with a vegetable soup and then start to eat meat. Prefer meats such as turkey and chicken with lower fat content instead of red meat. Instead of roast meats, prefer meats that are baked or grilled. Eat pastry or fruit desserts instead of pastries. Instead of heavy desserts, creamy, prepared with light milk, sugar instead of natural ones.

Stop eating at a specified time
You don't have to continue eating all night because you spend most of the night at the table. Eat at a slow pace; but leave the meal at a reasonable hour. Instead of fried yogurt, vegetables with olive oil, plenty of greens to eat salads. Be sure to pay attention to alcohol consumption. Try to choose wine; but do not exaggerate the amount of drink. If you are consuming rice or pasta, limit your bread consumption.

Nutrition plan to be considered on January 1
Prepare your next day's diet plan with a light weight of vegetables and fruits. Increase your fluid consumption. If possible, include exercise and hiking. The point to remember; Depending on the wrong choice of food and drink, the next day may cause diarrhea, nausea, food poisoning, bloating, indigestion, hyperglycemia. If you don't want to sleep before midnight because of too much alcohol or heavy meals, or if you don't want to start the new year with a headache, please listen to our recommendations.

11 suggestions to say ım I am healthy 2011 in 2011;

• As always, we should diversify our meals in the new year and never miss the fruits and vegetables from our tables. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and minerals that increase our immune system and prepare us for a more vigorous, concentrated day and reduce our risk of getting sick.

• For the continuation of growth and development in our bone, dental health and children, we must consume milk and dairy products. In particular, recent studies have shown that calcium-containing nutrition increases weight loss in the treatment of obesity.
• In addition to the construction and repair in our body, protein-rich meat and meat products containing amino acids, which are the building blocks of our tissues, must be kept in our main meals. Chicken, fish, red meat, eggs, legumes are the best quality protein and meat products we can prefer.
• Adequate water consumption is very important for the balance of fluid in our bodies. By drinking at least 10 cups of water per day, we will meet the daily loss of fluid, and maintain sufficient fluid to maintain kidney function and maintain body temperature in balance. Recent scientific studies show that the total amount of fluid that a man should take in a day should be 3.7 liters and women should be 2.7 liters. For this reason, it is important to provide 10-12 glasses of water.
• Fiber-rich nutrition has become one of the basic building blocks of today's diet. Dried and fresh fruits, dried legumes, vegetables and many cereals are not fermented in the colon because they are not fermented, preserving the intestinal health, delaying the emptying of the stomach and are foods that delay hunger.
• Minimal 3-4 times a week physical activity and weight control and appetite control. The activity, which has both positive psychological and physical effects, provides faster and more comfortable results in diet treatments in individuals.
• For both our heart health and weight control, we should always reduce the consumption of fatty foods and reduce the frequency of consumption of foods prepared with frying. In particular, recent studies emphasize the need to limit the consumption of margarine, a hydrogenated vegetable oil, in addition to frying. These margarine types, which are used especially in the production of pastry products and ready-made foods, increase the risk of heart diseases. Therefore, you should take care to use vegetable oils, especially olive oil, in your meals.
• Consumption of tea and coffee, which is frequently consumed by workplaces and housewives, can lead to weight gain and anemia due to the intake of sugar and food. In particular, coffee consumption should be made sufficient with maximum 2 cups per day due to caffeine, and tea consumption should not exceed 5-6 cups per day to be unsweetened and clear.
• Dried fruits; With the vitamin E and fatty acids they contain, it delays aging, strengthens our immune system and reduces the risk of many cancers. Daily 1 handful of hazelnuts, almonds or walnuts in addition to these positive aspects of the intestinal passage also have a positive effect. However, it should not be forgotten that excessive consumption in the weight gain. In that respect, you should consume without exceeding the amount.
• Small exercises will make you feel more physically vigorous. You can walk short distances. Using a ladder instead of an elevator will make you a habit to move around during the day.
• Finally, if you are not in a healthy weight, you should definitely lose weight under the control of a dietician. Obesity is also known as a chronic disease in this period of obesity or obesity to be a candidate for many diseases, even at an early age will invite. For a healthy year, it's not hard to get down to the weight you feel good about!

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