Healthy pregnancy in ten questions

Healthy pregnancy in ten questions

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From the moment you find out that you are pregnant, you need to know when and which tests you need to have a healthy pregnancy. In the case of known misconceptions and other issues related to the pregnancy process, Anadolu Medical Center Ataşehir Medical Center Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Meltem Çam gave information on ten questions.

What tests do you first do when the expectant mother comes to you?

After the beginning of pregnancy, after the expected menstrual period has passed, we perform a pregnancy test with blood or urine to determine pregnancy. We're trying to detect pregnancy by ultrasound. The first evaluation of pregnancy by ultrasound is done 5 weeks after the last menstrual period.

Are other tests performed in the first three months?

The first test to determine if there is any genetic abnormality in the first three months is the screening test which we call binary test. With this test, we look at two features in the blood. While looking at the mother's blood, some measurements of the baby are made by ultrasound. Looking at the thickness of the baby's neck. Because when the nuchal thickness increases, the risk of some genetic abnormalities or heart abnormalities increases in infants.What are these abnormalities?

What tests are performed after a pair test?

There is a triple test at the 16th and 19th weeks after the double test. Approximately 3.5 months of pregnancy, similar to the double test is a test performed by taking blood from the mother. But for both tests we have to mention that these are screening tests. You take blood from the mother and try to get an idea of ​​the baby. These tests never give 100% accurate results. But it gives you statistical data. Your risk of having such a child is like one per thousand or one per cent. There is always this risk. You cannot eliminate this risk. Since it is a screening test, it does not actually eliminate the mother's doubts.

What can be done to ensure 100 percent detection? When it is 3.5-4 months, a thin needle can be entered from the mother's womb and a sample can be taken from the baby's water. We send this to the test, and the baby's genetic structure is being examined. This method is 100 percent genetically precise information about the baby. We call it amniocentesis. It can also be done by taking baby blood, but the risk of miscarriage is higher.

What precautions are taken when there is a risk of diabetes during pregnancy?

Between 24-28 weeks of pregnancy 50 gr. If the result is higher than a certain limit after performing the glucose loading test, we consider the patient to be directly connected to pregnancy. There's a screening test at 50 grams of loading, and there's a margin of error. If this test is high, we're doing a 100-gram loading test so it doesn't fool us. The reason we don't want this installation from everyone is that it is difficult. Requires 3 hours tracking. As a result, when we decide that the patient has diabetes due to pregnancy, in the first place, we recommend the patient to diet and take it for control. If we control the sugar in the diet, we continue. But if we can't handle it with diet, then we start using insulin. The reason why we use insulin does not cross the barrier between the baby and the mother.

What are the risks of diabetes during pregnancy?

The baby is constantly growing more than usual because it is in a very sweet environment. Birth traumas are increasing. Because when you try to give birth to a baby that big, it can harm both mother and child at normal birth. Diabetic babies usually weigh around the body and shoulders. The baby's head comes out, but then he shoulders and poses a huge risk. You can circumvent the baby being large by caesarean section. The second problem is a substance called surfactant in the lungs of infants, which allows the lungs to expand and breathe properly. The development of lungs in diabetic babies is also a problem. Lungs are later and power is developing. These babies have lung development problems. Diabetic mothers also have some abnormalities in their babies. Heart problems are more common. In the babies of diabetic mothers, fetal echo must be done at 28th week.

What are the stages of pregnancy after the premature birth risk period is over?

We follow the patient with urine analysis and blood counts except for special cases until the 37th week, which is the period after the 28th week, when the risk of premature birth is over. After 37 weeks it is important to determine the time of delivery and to ensure the birth of the baby in a healthy way. We follow the size of the baby by ultrasound after the 37th week. We look at the water pouch that the baby is in; Because the amount of water is important. We also have a device called cardiotocography, we check whether the baby's heart beat regularly. The baby's heart rate is also very important, because if the baby can get oxygen from the mother comfortably, the heart rate is normal. But if there is a problem, we intervene without waiting for the birth of the mother to decide the birth of the baby.

There is a belief that vaginal examination during pregnancy is wrong. How true is this?

When we examine the pregnant patient from the vagina by hand, or look at the vagina by ultrasound, we encounter resistance by the patient. Especially when the patient is bleeding or suspected of miscarriage, these examinations are essential to make the right decision. In special cases where only the infant's partner (placenta) is down, these examinations may be objectionable.

How many months of sexual intercourse can continue normally?

If there is a threat of preterm birth or miscarriage, we prohibit sexual intercourse with the patient. It's only because of the sperm factor. Apart from that, expectant mothers can continue their active sexual life in a normal way until the last month.


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