What does dream mean in pregnancy?

What does dream mean in pregnancy?

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Many pregnant women tell us that their dreams have changed during this special process and that they have different interesting dreams almost every night. What's not in these dreams, talking animals, giant buildings, and of course different babies. We asked the doctors about these dreams that worried the mothers from time to time. And we got interesting information about it. You will read them in the rest of the article, but first of all, let us remind you that the experts have stated that it is perfectly normal for dreams to become extraordinary during pregnancy and let us begin our news by relaxing the mothers.

Why do I dream more?

The above question is asked by many women who are pregnant. In order to answer this question correctly, it is necessary to first mention the stages of sleep. As it is known, there are several different stages of sleep. These stages continue from light sleep to deep sleep. People remember most of their dreams during sleep. Pregnant women, on the other hand, have difficulty entering the deep sleep stage due to some minor physiological disorders (aching legs, growing belly, frequent need to go to the toilet). And so they remember. So why does the type of dreams change? Experts' first answer to this question is the following; “Because these dreams are an illusion of your subconscious feelings and thoughts about being pregnant.” Although pregnancy is a normal process, these changes in your body can manifest in your mood as excitement, anxiety, anxiety, and so on. You feel them in your daily life, but you see them transformed into symbols in your dreams.

What does dream mean?

Giving birth to adult children: Some women, especially those who are pregnant, can see that they are giving birth to an adult child. According to experts, there are two reasons. The first is that the mother has a little hesitation in looking at a very tiny baby and wishes her child to grow up without any problems. The second is that working mothers are afraid to miss the best times of their baby by returning to work.

Driving car: A pregnant woman may have difficulty adjusting to her body changes and adapting. She may feel discomfort due to her growing belly, water-holding chest and legs. It symbolizes life rather than driving a dream. Trying to drive a truck, a truck or a car, and having difficulty doing so, represents the difficulties of getting used to the new body.

Great buildings to see: Pregnant mothers often express buildings, skyscrapers and large buildings in their dreams. That's because they feel the baby in the belly. Generally, as the baby grows, so do the size of the buildings!

Swim: The creeks, seas and oceans, fish and sea creatures, and all that floats in you. We think that the reason for this is in your womb, 36 weeks of water reaching an amount of about 1000ml and your baby in it. On the days of your pregnancy, these dreams may become increasingly exaggerated and sometimes even scary, so don't worry.

Talking animals: Puppies, cats, chicks and lambs are often the protagonists of the mothers' dreams. These small and cute animals often speak and actually represent your baby. The troubled situations associated with them symbolize your concerns about meeting your baby.

Erotic Dreams: It is also common for mothers to have sexual dreams. According to experts, this is because the pregnant woman does not feel as beautiful as before and therefore experiences insecurity.

Travel to foreign countries: Having a baby and traveling to a foreign country kurmak It is not difficult to establish the relationship between these two situations. Every mother-to-be worries about the care of the baby, and the dream of the foreign countries and the difficulties there precisely represent these feelings. If you are staying in this country for a short period and are returning home safely, it means that you are more positive about having a baby and believe that you can easily overcome the difficulties.


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