How to Calculate Pregnancy

How to Calculate Pregnancy

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Every woman in her belly when she finds out she's pregnant.
Want to know what's going on. How many days, weekly or monthly pregnant
want to know when the birth will occur.

First of all, you should know that your pregnancy
You can calculate that you are in the stage; Last menstrual history
speak start day start day. We call it stage because how close you are to your environment, your baby
Although you will ask how many months are made,
The calculations are based on the week account. It's a great moment so birth is general
between weeks 38 and 42.

The calendars provided to you to calculate your pregnancy
it is only an estimate though. This is due to only 5% of births
of this amount will take place on exactly the prescribed dates. Many births, predictions
occurs one week before or after one week. Every birth
is different, is unique. Think of it this way; your birth, you
when your baby is fully ready for you.

Events that may cause deviations can occur as follows;

· Irregular customs,

· Pregnancy with IVF treatment,

· Delays on the date of ovulation,

· False recall of the last menstrual date

When you do your pregnancy calculations, consider them
You must remember to have. In such cases, the most accurate information
from your specialist.

We wish you a pleasant and comfortable pregnancy period, enjoy the birth
and at the end of your marvelous journey to your
we hope you will get health.


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