Does the flu harm the baby during pregnancy?

Does the flu harm the baby during pregnancy?

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an outbreak affecting people's health, especially in winter
disease. But still, a flu-like illness in daily life is very serious.
We do not take. We don't think it's too dangerous for us. that
The reason for this is that every person can get through on average in four days.
disease. We are now immune to this disease, and for a few days
we can get through it in time.

what happens if we catch this disease during pregnancy? Especially immunity
our system is weak and there is a high risk of disease
What are the consequences of catching the flu in the period? Of course the largest
fear if we catch the flu disease
the baby? What harm to the child from the cold, flu, coughing
Can give?

Firstly during pregnancy
The weakness of our immune system puts us at risk. Both the disease
We are more at risk of getting caught and we are entering the recovery process later. That's why
we may need to take extra care to avoid flu.

Flu during late pregnancy
risk of developing a postpartum disease of a pregnant mother
And more. However, during any period of pregnancy
the disease will naturally have negative consequences. This adversely affects the child
indirectly rather than directly affected
It will provide.

However, severe, dry
cough caused by any pressure on the abdomen
It does not cause any harm because the protective feature of the water inside the uterus is the pillow feature
protects the baby by showing.

you can still take your regular flu vaccine to have a healthy pregnancy.

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