Hair removal during pregnancy

Hair removal during pregnancy

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Getting rid of hair is now very easy with different methods.
There are also permanent and temporary solutions for this. With developing methods
now everyone prefers permanent solutions. Most preferred among these
laser hair removal method.

pregnant woman, discomfort from growing hair with increased pregnancy hormone
hears. Hormones of pregnancy have a hair-enhancing effect in the body.
But since the levels of these hormones in the blood have decreased after pregnancy,
epilation method can be started after birth.

feathers, like every woman, are very uncomfortable for mothers. But this
not to eliminate the problem during pregnancy and postpone it to a later date
will be more healthy. After pregnancy, in the body with the withdrawal of hormones
since most hairs will fall out spontaneously,
hair removal method will be more successful. Laser and
electrolysis, although negative effects on the unborn baby
although it is not expected, it is better to leave such procedures after birth.

laser used in hair removal, x-rays used in x-rays
is a different kind of light. Therefore, it does not progress through the tissue. Beam only
affects the region where the process is applied, and the
limited to millimeters. Therefore, reaching the unborn baby and harm
Although it is not possible to give these devices by the manufacturer of pregnancy
period is not recommended.

small and thin needles inserted into the skin during hair removal
It dries the hair roots by giving an electric current through. This method is too long
is a method that has been used for a long time and reported to have an impact on pregnancy
unsubstituted. But for the hair around the breast compression during pregnancy,
Doing electrolysis, especially during the last stages of pregnancy
is not recommended by. Especially mothers who want to breastfeed
should be careful.

Which situations are risky?

Last 3
not recommended for hairs on the abdomen when the moon is entered.
As you think, it is not the risk of harm to the baby. This
is the sensitivity of the abdominal skin in the process. The operation performed on the abdomen,
more of the expectant mother during the procedure by causing the baby to mobilize.
will cause pain.

electrolysis in accordance with hygiene standards in order to avoid risk
is required.


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