Body care after pregnancy

Body care after pregnancy

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process and after birth every mother wants to return to the moment as soon as possible
It is justified. Since birth is often a frustrating experience of mothers, after birth, mothers
they feel tired and exhausted physically and spiritually.

One of the biggest problems after giving birth is changing bodies.
After birth, the so-called puerperium stage, 40
The day continues. The uterus at the level of the navel after birth is normal after 5 weeks
size. Connective tissue in the pelvis and abdominal wall
ligaments remain soft and elastic throughout pregnancy. In this case
After approximately 4 months, it returns to its former state. Inappropriate after birth,
heavy movements can cause damage to these areas. The pelvis
It starts to weaken because it carries an average of 6 kilograms of load in the tissues that make up. So
it becomes sensitive at birth in this region.

kegel you will do during the period determined by your doctor.
exercises will strengthen your pelvis muscles. However,
the edema in the body and the pain associated with it gradually disappear
It will be lost. Your risk of incontinence in the future
will also disappear.

problems that may occur in the region such as hemaroid and hematoma kegel
exercises can be prevented. Ice application to the region also birth
after the pain will reduce.

post-back and back pain to avoid complaining should be plenty.
Chest pain is caused by breastfeeding. That's why
Pillow your back and waist when you breastfeed your baby
You can support.

So hard
varicose veins may occur in the pelvic and leg areas.
Vascular surgery for varicose veins after the postpartum period
It should be sought. Superficial varices, regular walks and varicose veins

swelling due to edema in the lower leg and ankle. Such
should lift your leg up in a situation and drink plenty of liquid during the day.
You should consume.

then, although the mother feels good, she lies down to recover her body.
rest is recommended. Too much urine can cause you to panic
even though this condition prevents urinary tract infection.
is quite useful.


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