Hip pain during pregnancy

Hip pain during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a pleasant and difficult process for women
is passed. Now that you're two or more,
psychological and physiological effects. Psychology of pregnancy
m You have opened the door to a very different world,
Welcome J J

During pregnancy, your body changes, your baby
as you grow, your organs are stuck to the right and left edges,
As you experience change, you will both be surprised and delighted. Of these changes.
You should pay attention to the foods you consume
Do not deprive your body of minerals. With your body getting heavier
If a mineral or nutrient is found in your body,
it will be normal for your pain to be unbearable.

Hip during pregnancy
It is known as a very common discomfort. Pregnant Woman
hip pain is likely to experience. Hip pain usually last 3 months
It is seen. The most important cause of these pains, your body itself to birth.
This is because it has started to prepare. These pains are most close to the baby's area
is felt on the side.

During pregnancy, your body changes the changes you see
Besides, it will change hormonally. During this period, your body
Your tissue; some hormones to both soften and relax
It will produce. The function of hormones is that of your joints and pelvic bones.
is to help stretch the bonds between. The bones mentioned
increase in elastic level, your baby's body from birth
will make it comfortable. Even with this period, not only hip pain,
your waist will also hurt as your body posture changes.

A pain that causes pain in your hips during pregnancy
the other substance is the pressure applied to the sciatic nerves in that area.
The uterus begins to expand in volume and begins to pressure the sciatic nerves.
you may feel tingling and numbness on your hip or thigh.

Each week of your pregnancy, you will feel
there will be many changes you will see for the first time. This
changes will intensify over time, that is, with the approach of birth date. This
the situation of the mother-to-be you like it and pain
will be a boredom process.

Your pain, depending on the period or week you
You should apply. Although these pains are a herald of birth,
as we mentioned, it is felt due to a missing mineral or vitamin,


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