What are harmful foods during pregnancy?

What are harmful foods during pregnancy?

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From the moment you know you're pregnant, mom
Candidates are the most important substance to be paid attention. In this case
they must take particular care. Because how good and tidy the expectant mother
feeding, the baby in the belly is equally well-fed and healthy
follows the development process.

dairy products should be avoided

One of the foods pregnant women should stay away from
soft cheeses made from unpasteurized milk. In this kind of cheese
Bacteria found in the listeria, miscarriage, premature birth and birth defects
If it can open.

2-Raw and undercooked meat

You should make sure that the meat you eat is well cooked.
However, salami, sausage and sausage products, although well cooked
prefer not to consume. Parasite named toxoplasma in raw meat
again can cause miscarriage. During the first period of pregnancy
parasitic infants, deafness, high fever, jaundice, eye and nervous system

3-Raw sea
stay away from

Since consumption of raw seafood will lead to poisoning
due to the need to consume during pregnancy. These; mussels, oysters,
shrimp and undercooked shellfish.

If you want to eat fish, but also prefer seasonal fish
away from tuna, smoked fish and uncooked fish containing mercury and mercury.
You should stop.

4-good egg
make sure it is cooked

Eggs not only during pregnancy
is an important food source that must be eaten carefully. However, during pregnancy
make sure your egg is cooked well. Eggs that are more or less raw,
food poisoning. Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and weakness

5-Tea, coffee and
reduce caffeinated drinks and even stay away

Because tea causes anemia and iron deficiency
you need to stay away from tea during pregnancy. However, coffee and
caffeinated drinks as little as possible, even at all should not consume.
Excess caffeine can cause premature labor and miscarriage.

6-Diet products

Pregnancy is important for the development of the baby for 9 months and
it is a process that needs to be healthy. During this process,
Do not try to lose weight immediately. Diet for your baby's health
products and sweeteners.

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