Foot swelling during pregnancy

Foot swelling during pregnancy

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Feet during pregnancy
swelling of the ankles; This is a problem experienced by mothers especially after the 6th month. from birth
then it is a case. It is rarely seen in the first months of pregnancy. Pregnancy
The majority of women in the period lived. The swelling in the hands
visible. You will normally find that you have
uncomfortable with the ring squeezing your finger or squeezing your foot
you can understand. Especially at this point experts pregnancy
expectant mothers to be comfortable and non-tight clothes

Feet and especially during pregnancy
the cause of edema;
Pregnant mothers' body during pregnancy is to hold more fluid than normal.
In this period, excessive water retention is experienced in the body. Growing uterus
more pressure on the veins going to the leg. In this case, the blood to the heart
makes it difficult to return. As a result, edema of the feet and ankles
It is formed. More of my edema; sitting or standing
as a result. Also in hot or humid weather more
noticeable. However, this may occur after several hours of
it is greatly lost when resting. Edema is more; overweight,
enough protein in pregnant women

Experts expect mother and baby
for regular health. Prospective mothers
to significantly reduce the discomfort of edema; your legs
lift and raise your feet while sitting on the sofa.
should avoid. Experts prevent more common edema in the last months of pregnancy
made some recommendations. Mother expectant feet during the day
should sit high and avoid crossing legs. Hot
and avoid humid environments. Excess salt should not be consumed. Because
excess salt; causes water retention in the body. Walking regularly
It should be done. Comfortable and non-tight shoes and socks should be preferred. Long
while standing should be avoided. Lying sideways at night and under your feet
pillows to make you more comfortable and pressure on the veins


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