Obstetrician Selection

Obstetrician Selection

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First of all give the pregnancy process,
case. Think about
from the name of your baby to be born, which color of the room will be
or when a baby is a male
You have to decide many things to be. But remember that this
none of the decisions, a doctor you choose and whose philosophy is close to yours
no more important than choosing. Hospital selection as much as the choice of obstetrician
it is important that every parent should decide carefully. that
the reason is that you have too many choices and the right doctor to understand you.
find. Here are the points to be emphasized; expectant mother
related expectations, financial conditions, characteristics of the doctor, the hospital
conditions ...

Priority when choosing doctor and hospital
There are two main factors that should be given: Costs and references.

1- Costs

To be realistic, you should know
Perhaps the first issue you should look at when choosing two doctors and hospitals
how you plan to do it. Do you have insurance? If any doctor / hospital fees
how much does it cover? During your pregnancy, routine checks and special
you will also need to visit your doctor intermittently. that
of course it will cost you a certain amount. Shocked by the birth bill
If you do not want to search for possible doctors and hospitals to prepare a list
will help.



Doctors and hospitals that exceed your budget
After eliminating the decision-making part will be a little easier. No more testimonials
you can start searching. Mother-baby forums or more as a reference
you can get the ideas of those who have given birth before. But references
conditions and expectations may vary. Most
there will be someone who makes negative comments about the successful doctor and even the hospital.

To be experienced and reassuring

Experience should be considered in the first place
One of the features. How many years has he been doing this, which school he graduated from?
important. We don't need to say it, but it's visible in the diploma office.
You should also pay attention to hanging. By the way, experience means not necessarily a professor
does not mean that you need to choose. Profession with dedication, up to date
and provide satisfactory answers to your questions.
you may be the reason.

The Match of Your Philosophies of Birth

The doctor at the beginning of your pregnancy
in a sense, you should try to see if you agree with your doctor.
period. If your ideas don't match in this process,
Find a new doctor without losing.

Does your doctor have normal birth
or does she prefer a caesarean section? So you?

Coping with childbirth pain
What are the exit methods?

Birth intervention and birth
What are acceleration methods?

How compatible is this with your doctor?
The less frustration in the process of pregnancy and childbirth if you make decisions
you live, maybe even never.


All the things you can think of during your pregnancy
a doctor is very important for you. Help
when you need it, or if you have a question,
emaille also needs to be accessible.

Where you want to give birth

Many doctors contact certain hospitals
must agree. If you want the doctor of your choice to have your birth,
give birth in one of the hospitals referred by your doctor
You can stay. Ask your doctor about this in the first weeks of pregnancy
will benefit.


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