What can you do to get pregnant?

What can you do to get pregnant?

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In case of a problem in the anatomy of the male and female, uterus, ovary or testes, normal pregnancy cannot be expected and pregnancy can be provided by external interventions (IVF). But all conditions
Although it is suitable for pregnancy, a slice such as -15 has been observed to face the problem of not forming pregnancy.

Does Long Term Prevention Prevent Pregnancy?

Metabolism following contraceptive methods It is possible to regenerate itself and become suitable for pregnancy in a period of three months. Pregnancy may be possible after the healing process after stopping the injected chemicals, removing the spiral and releasing the pills.

All kinds of chemical products used in your sexual life sperm and ovaries various damages
and may be an obstacle to pregnancy. The first thing to do to get pregnant is to wait for this healing process and stop using such products.

Does Alcohol and Smoking Prevent Pregnancy?

Couples who want to become pregnant should first stop or reduce their smoking, alcohol and drug habits, starting with nutrition. It is a serious mistake that only women should take precautions for pregnancy. This is because sperm quality of males with such bad habits decreases and pregnancy becomes difficult.

Does Overweight Prevent Pregnancy?

Tight clothing is a factor that reduces the quality of sperm in a man by constantly sitting and being exposed to high temperatures.
Obesity is a serious factor in pregnancy. Things to do to get pregnant
it starts by taking the right steps away from all the factors that distort the quality of life.

Regular Sexual Life

Having sexual intercourse three or more times a week in the desired period of pregnancy
considerably. If this number is increased during menstrual periods, there is a 25% chance that a woman who is not in a negative condition will become pregnant during this period. The fact that the woman stays lying on her back for a long time after sexual intercourse will be a movement towards taking advantage of the power of gravity for the progression of sperm.

What foods should be eaten to get pregnant?

Good nutrition is also an important factor for getting pregnant. It is known that many wrong nutrition methods are circulating from language to language, but physicians may also benefit from some nutrients.
It can be approved. For example, figs help egg cracking, onion is said to have good effects on egg quality and the healing effects of cinnamon black seed and bee pollen.

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