Recommendations for a happy pregnancy

Recommendations for a happy pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a long and difficult process. It is possible to spend this long marathon happily. Medical Park Bursa Hospital Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Ahmet Yılmaz; She explains what they can do to expect a happy pregnancy.

Watch Your Clothing

Lightweight, flexible and loose clothing made of cotton fabric is the most suitable choice during pregnancy. In warm weather, light colored sparsely woven fabrics make you sweaty. In this way, you do not lose excess sweating. In cold weather it is more convenient to dress up in layers, so that when you enter a warm environment you can remove the excess clothing. Synthetic fabrics are not very suitable during pregnancy and should not be preferred. Synthetic underwear, especially worn in hot weather, prepares the ground for fungal infections. Very tight and tight clothing may cause circulatory and respiratory problems, although not damaging the baby. High and flat heels; It may cause back pain in pregnant women, but also loss of balance and fall in pregnant women. Orthopedic soled shoes made of natural material such as leather to help keep your feet breathing should be preferred.


Get Iron Support

We have to eat healthy to live healthy. In pregnant women, feeding is of particular importance. It is important not to eat too much and gain weight, but to take the necessary ingredients in a balanced and sufficient amount. A balanced diet during pregnancy is not a daily use of vitamin pills! An ideal maternal expectant mother will gain approximately 12 kilos at the end of pregnancy when properly fed. It can be said that a pregnant woman who has gained proper weight during pregnancy receives almost all vitamins and minerals. Only iron and folic acid should be evaluated separately. The baby's brain is key to the development of the spinal cord. It is recommended that every woman who wants to become pregnant should start using folic acid and continue to use folic acid in the first trimester of pregnancy. In babies of pregnant women who use folic acid as recommended, the chance of congenital cerebrospinal disorders is reduced by half.

Iron support becomes important in the second half of pregnancy. No matter how well it is fed, it is not possible to get enough iron from natural nutrients during pregnancy and therefore anemia occurs in pregnant women. People with known pre-pregnancy anemia should start iron supplementation earlier. It should not be forgotten that you will have a certain amount of bleeding in normal birth and caesarean section. If you have severe anemia, even a small amount of bleeding during birth can cause loss of consciousness, shock, or even death.

Feed more or less often

Pregnant women should be fed five or six meals rather than three main meals. Never cram your stomach at a meal, stop eating before full saturation. In this way, nausea and vomiting in the early weeks of gestation, and frequently observed in the following weeks, such as heartburn, bitter water in the mouth and abdominal pain can be prevented. Take 1.5 - 2 liters of water daily to urinate you. It is not necessary for pregnant women to make salt restriction. Average daily intake of 2 grams of salt during pregnancy is recommended. In patients with severe nausea and vomiting who cannot get enough nutrients, vitamin mineral supplementation and serum feeding may be necessary.

Calorie requirement of the body; 3 are the main energy source of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If carbohydrates are insufficient, your body begins to burn proteins and fats to provide energy. When fat is burned to produce energy, the ketone bodies have harmful effects on the growing fetus. Inadequate uptake of proteins, which are the basic building blocks of cells, or degradation for energy production, will affect the growth of the baby completely. When carbohydrates are taken too much, they accumulate as fat in the body. For strong bones and teeth, one or two glasses of milk or a bowl of yogurt daily is enough. Additional calcium supplementation is unnecessary in pregnant women who can consume this amount of milk or yogurt.


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