Rubella in pregnancy

Rubella in pregnancy

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Aşı Before getting pregnant, you should be vaccinated ”

For a healthy pregnancy and for a healthy baby, rubella vaccination is one of the things to do before getting pregnant. Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Cüneyt Young, rubella disease in pregnancy and cause deaths in the womb, said that the rubella during the first months of pregnancy is vital for the health of the baby rubella disease. Cüneyt Genç said, ken There may be patients who are not caught, vaccinated against measles or who cannot produce antibodies despite vaccination. Candidates should have rubella antibodies checked before they become pregnant. Pregnant mothers who do not have any antibodies in their tests should be vaccinated before pregnancy. Otherwise, rubella in the first 5 months during pregnancy can cause miscarriages, stillbirth, anomalies such as heart, liver injuries and mental retardation. ”Rubella care in the first 5 months of pregnancy1 to 90 years of women who have been vaccinated until the age of 90 to 95 percent of the rubella antibody in the reproductive age may have. Dr. Cüneyt Genç, warned: “Congenital rubella syndrome, especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy is seen in those who have the disease. If a pregnant woman who has not had rubella at any stage of her life has rubella after the 5th month of pregnancy, this will not adversely affect the baby. However, if the virus is taken in the first 5 months, problems occur that can reach up to 25 to 90 percent infant loss, more likely in the early months. For this reason, every woman who thinks of pregnancy should have the rubella antibody tested and if she does not have antibodies, she should be vaccinated at least 3 months before pregnancy. ”Detection of rubella antibodyIndicating whether a rubella antibody can be detected by a simple test. Young “The positive IgM antibody found in blood and lymph fluid in the tests indicates that the disease has been passed recently. If pregnancy is less than 5 months unfortunately, the risk of disability is high in such cases. If the IgM antibody is negative and the IgG antibody is positive, the disease has been a long history and there is no fear. Blood tests in some women show that antibody levels are very low. This means that the disease has been passed but infection may occur again. Since re-infection also poses a risk in the first months of pregnancy, we recommend vaccination to these patients before pregnancy ”.

Vaccination during pregnancy

Rubella vaccine will not be made during pregnancy, but also emphasized the need for abortion in pregnant women. Young aşı When a rubella vaccine is given to a pregnant woman, the vaccine passes from the placenta to the baby. However, there is no evidence that the vaccine causes any problems in pregnancy or causes disability. Nevertheless, rubella vaccination is not recommended during pregnancy. When the vaccine is not known, there is no situation that would require abortion. Land


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