5 Tips for Comfortable Sleep

5 Tips for Comfortable Sleep

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Do Not Use Pillow Until 1 Year Old

Newborns and babies failure to fall asleep, sleep less, frequent waking up while sleeping, and not being able to sleep again when awakened may herald a sleep disorder. Emsey Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Şemsettin Ayçiçek, 5 important recommendations for babies to fall asleep more comfortably.Quality and a good sleep is critical for the health of the baby's body and mind says Uzm. Dr. Şemsettin Ayçiçek, stressed that sleep management is possible in infants. Exp. Dr. Ç Newborn babies can sleep for 16-20 hours a day, wake up every 2-3 hours and continue to sleep with breast milk, there is no separation day and night during this period. Babies who sleep longer at night after 2 months usually sleep 10-12 hours after 6 months.The period of uninterrupted sleep of babies starts at the age of 3 years. In this process, you should observe your baby well. If you notice an abnormal situation, you should consult your doctor first because your baby may be suffering from sleep disorder. Ne Dr. Sunflower, at this point, such as inadequate attitudes of families or excessive behavior over the event, such as behavior can carry serious sleep problems, he said. Exp. Dr. Sunflower physician's role is to educate families in terms of sleep hygiene, behavior-based sleep problems development is possible, he said.Sleep disorders explaining that it can be seen more frequently in premature and non-compliant babies, Ayçiçek continued: ası If the baby is hungry or too full, not to be degassed and not clean, may cause difficulty in sleeping. Factors such as gastroesophageal reflux, ear infection, recurrent urinary tract infection, child growth attacks and teething may also affect sleep patterns. In this respect, it is essential to investigate whether there is a medical problem in the baby and if necessary, a treatment program should be implemented. It is also observed that babies who are separated from parents for any reason, who feel domestic stress and whose mother suffers from depression or mental problems may also have sleep disorders. ”For your baby to fall asleep Exp. Dr. Sunflowers Found 5 Tips:

1. Babies should be kept in a safe environment with dim, quiet and average temperature of 20-24 degrees.

2. Pillows should not be used until infants reach 1 year of age.

3. Bathing before sleep may make it easier to fall asleep.

4. Make sure your baby is aware of their sleep time. For this, be sure to darken his room while sleeping. In addition, when your baby wakes up from noon, you must open the curtains and let the daylight in and make the difference day and night.

5. Before sleep a 15-minute massage will help your baby fall asleep.

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