8 important questions about pregnancy!

8 important questions about pregnancy!

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If the baby is on the road, an exciting period begins. Not only your body but also your perspective on everyday life changes. However, there are many questions in your mind about pregnancy and childbirth. The most important of these American Hospital Women's Health Unit Specialist Dr. View Senai's Full Profile Compiled.

1. Is the ultrasound harmful to the child?

2. What should be considered when driving?

3. Which foods should I cut?

4. What problems can I encounter?

Fatigue: Progesterone can cause fatigue while relieving the uterus. Therefore, you may often feel tired, especially during the first months of pregnancy. The best solution is to relax and sleep.

Heartburn: In the last months of pregnancy, the baby exerts pressure on the stomach. As a result, gastric acid rises and the bitter taste occurs in your mouth or on your trip (reflux). In such a case you can drink water or milk. Avoid coffee and sugary foods.

Constipation: The easiest remedy is abundantly stored in natural foods. Eat whole foods or options to run your bowels. Take plenty of fluids and move. Do not use laxative.

Frequent urination: Do not be surprised if you have memorized all public toilets around you. Since the acceleration in your circulatory system is also reflected to the kidneys, your need will increase. The pressure of the baby also has an effect. Although it sounds boring to you, it doesn't do any harm.

Nausea: You may experience nausea due to changes in hormones. This discomfort, especially in the morning, does not last all day. Do not get out of bed immediately to dodge as light as possible and for tea.

5. Should I eat for two?

6. Do cracks have to occur?

It all depends on the structure of your skin. But more than 70 percent of women face cracks in pregnancy. No wonder this is because the abdomen grows up to 50 - 60 cm in diameter, which is a heavy burden for your skin. The fibers need a maximum stretch and can tear if your skin is weak. Although the color of the cracks faint after pregnancy, traces always remain. From the 18th week of pregnancy, massaging your belly with wheat oil can help you.

7. When will it move for the first time?

Perhaps the most exciting moment of pregnancy is your baby's first kick. In the first pregnancy, first movements can be felt in the 20th week. Experienced mothers and twins await from the 18th week.

8. How can I tell when birth has started?

The most important symptoms are the start of pains or the arrival of water. If this happens, contact the hospital immediately. In some women, discharge starts days before. Some have unrest or diarrhea.

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