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Changes in the Baby - Week 5 Pregnancy

Changes in the Baby - Week 5 Pregnancy

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5th week of pregnancy We have prepared a great article about you. 🙂 We wish all the mothers already pleasant readings.

Changes in the Baby - Week 5 Pregnancy

During the 5th week of your pregnancy a delay in your number Wasn't it? Moreover, you do not feel any signs of menstruation. So you started to seriously suspect that this delay was due to pregnancy. Now is the time to clarify your doubts. Without wasting time pregnancy test We recommend that you do.

If you got the happy news, so you're pregnant, fertilized eggs with sperm, through the uterine tube settled through the uterine membrane began to grow.

As for the details of your pregnancy test; standard tests from the pharmacy may be useful, but for more precise results You can have a blood test in a hospital.

Tests from the pharmacy may not always give you the right answer the first time.

It will be more reliable to take a few pieces to be sure, so compare the results. If you get the final result, it's time to share this happy news. We're sure your wife will be as happy as you are. 🙂

Maternal Changes - Week 5 Pregnancy

Your baby has now settled in your layer for the uterus and started to send signals to your body with hormone secretion called Beta HGC. Beta HGC hormone is only released during pregnancy and can be detected in urine or blood.

When you observe yourself this week, you will begin to notice the changes. During the day or early in the evening if you sleep, know that this is very normal. Light anorexia and some sensitivity to odors it's normal to start feeling. This is all a result of your hormonal change.

Folic acid is indispensable from the beginning of a planned pregnancy. It does not neglect when you enter the 5th week. Now is the time to see your doctor. Make an appointment now.

Health Advice to the Mother - Week 5 Pregnancy

  • If you start the day with nausea and vomiting in the morning, even if it is uncomfortable for you, know that it's a sign that it's going well for your baby.
  • One of the ways to reduce nausea distress when you wake up in the morning, to put in your mouth in the evening to put your head to the grissini or a piece of dry bread.
  • Your diet plan during the day 3 main meals 2 or 3 snacks plan. In this way, you accelerate your metabolism and prevent hunger crises.
  • In this period reducing caffeine is very important. You should set yourself a daily limit and consume at a rate that does not affect your baby's health.

For example, only one cup of Turkish coffee or two cups of tea per day will suffice. There is a considerable amount of caffeine in chocolate.

5 Weeks Pregnant Woman

Nutrition Advice to the Mother - Week 5 Pregnancy

  • This period can suffer from constipation, bloating and gas shortages. In your snacks dried apricots, plums or fresh fruits food will come good.
  • During the day you can consume 2 walnuts, 5-6 almonds or hazelnuts. Consuming foods such as milk, buttermilk or kefir with high protein content in addition to dried fruits will balance your blood sugar and prevent hunger crises.
  • Take your breaks before and in the afternoon. This will both work your bowels and help your blood sugar be regular. Vitamins you should not forget. 🙂
  • Do not forget to consume plenty of liquid. During Pregnancy urine production increases and urine during this period is normally light yellow. Dark urine that you take less liquid or have more water loss. Shows. If you experience such a condition after consulting your doctor 1 soda per day You can drink.

Soda helps both balance the electrolyte and relaxes your stomach.

  • Do not consume raw meat products.

Is Hair Colored During Pregnancy? - Week 5 Pregnancy

You're starting to feel your skin dry? If so; face and body moisturizing lotions You can take. It's okay to use the makeup and skin care products you use every day, but if you're thinking of dyeing your hair you must postpone for now.

Hair dyes; Although organic origin is recommended in the market, it may be inconvenient during this period.

After the 16th week of your pregnancy, until the end of your pregnancy 1 time You can dye your hair.


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