Causes Bleeding in the First 3 Months of Pregnancy?

Causes Bleeding in the First 3 Months of Pregnancy?

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The first 12 weeks of pregnancy include the period when the problems are most common.Mayaklinik Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Hüseyin Mutlu, It shares with you the most important problems encountered in this period.

Bleeding in the First 3 Months of Pregnancy

In the first trimester of pregnancy One of the most common complaints is vaginal bleeding. The occurrence of bleeding requires you to contact your doctor immediately. Detection of bleeding does not always indicate the end of pregnancy, but it is a condition that needs to be controlled and some measures must be taken. The most common causes of bleeding in the first three months are:

1- Low Threat

Red from the vagina bleeding It is available. The cervix is ​​closed during the examination and the baby is alive under ultrasound control. According to the gestational week, the use of certain drugs and bed rest requires a prohibition of sexual intercourse. Pregnancy with the threat of miscarriage may end with measures taken or the event cannot be stopped and miscarriage may occur.

Low threat detected pregnant women In case of increased bleeding or falling parts, it is urgent to see a doctor or hospital.

2- Unstoppable Low

Fragment may also come from the vagina with fresh red bleeding. In this case, the cervix has begun to open and the pregnancy crop can be seen. ultrasonography baby cannot be seen or the baby is seen but not alive. If miscarriage is detected, the remaining parts of pregnancy should be cleaned with intervention.

In this case, an urgent health or to your doctor. You will probably need to intervene immediately. Because bleeding is quite high.

3- Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy detected one in 150 pregnancies abnormal pregnancy It forms thereof. Ovulation After forming the first baby outline called the egg cell and sperm embryo, which is joined in time, it continues to grow here by reaching into the uterus by rolling in the uterine canal. In the uterus canal every block that prevents this migration process factor may cause ectopic pregnancy. The most common form of ectopic pregnancy occurs in the outer part of the uterus canal 3/2. Bleeding occurs in the abdomen as a result of the growing pregnancy crop breaking down the thin and delicate uterine canal or causing bleeding here. In a woman with ectopic pregnancy, complaints such as abdominal pain, bleeding, dizziness and fainting occur with menstrual delay. Pregnancy test is positive for examinations and tests. Pregnancy sac cannot be seen in the uterus on ultrasonography. Pregnancy can occur in the uterine canal or if there is bleeding, abundant blood is detected in the abdomen.

Urgency and often requires operation and treatment. Today, ectopic pregnancy is easily performed with less traumatic laparoscopy.

4-Non-Pregnancy Bleeding

Some of the bleeding during pregnancy may not be related to pregnancy. These may be due to bleeding in the cervix, polyps in the cervix, some problems in the vagina. Vaginal examination for bleeding indicates no bleeding through the uterus. The main problem is detected. There is no problem with the baby and pregnancy in the control performed by ultrasonography. In this case, the precautions taken are taken into consideration during pregnancy.

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