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Week 27 Pregnancy

Week 27 Pregnancy

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27th week of pregnancyWe have prepared a great article about you. 🙂 We wish all the expectant mothers a pleasant reading.

Your baby weighs about 1 kg and is about 36 cm tall! 27. Are you wondering how much you are pregnant per week? You are 6 months and 9 days pregnant!

The chance of survival of the baby born at 27th week is 85%.

So what happens to your baby this week?

  • Your baby has started to open and close his eyes, and now his eye color becomes clear.
  • He starts sucking his thumb, so his facial muscles develop quickly.
  • Your baby sleeps and wakes up periodically this week.
  • It may start to sob, so don't be alarmed when you feel this movement, it's quite natural.
  • His liver and immune system are working, but he keeps improving.

Health Advice to the Mother - Week 27 Pregnancy

As your uterus grows out and your stomach comes out, it becomes more obvious. However, due to the shape change in your spine, you will see that your back goes forward and your back goes back. That is why you should prefer to lie on your side. If you lie on your back for a long time, you may experience low back pain and low back pain.

For low back pain, you can benefit by doing pre-pregnancy exercises and pregnancy yoga. Resting is the most beneficial solution for your back pain.

Nutrition Advice in Pregnancy - Week 27 Pregnancy

As the weeks progress, increasing appetite increases the worries that I will gain weight. If you are eating enough and balanced, if you prefer nutritious foods instead of empty energy sources in your diet, sit back and enjoy your pregnancy. It is more appropriate to compensate for small loopholes rather than magnifying them.

Eye Disorders in Pregnancy - Week 27 Pregnancy

Edema can also affect your eyes. With thickening of the lens and eyeball, there may be an increase in eye fluid. You may also experience blur in vision. This blur of vision is temporary, after the birth It will be lost. Avoid contact lenses during this period. Inform your doctor if you have visual loss.

What should be considered during the 27th week of pregnancy? - Week 27 Pregnancy

This week uterus grows thoroughly and put pressure on your diaphragm. Therefore, the capacity of your lungs may also decrease, which increases the volume of blood.
You may experience minor breathing difficulties and palpitations. By continuing to iron and vitamin tablets, you can minimize your complaints.

During pregnancy, fluid accumulates in your body. Most often, it manifests itself as edema in the feet. Of this, among the public "albumin" called but accompanied by edema and hypertension pregnancy hypertension It has nothing to do with. Usually the edema disappears when you rest. If your edema does not disappear even though you are resting and a high blood pressure is added to this, you should consult your doctor.

Frequent Urination in Pregnancy - Week 27 Pregnancy

Frequent urination don't freak you out. This is because of the pressure on your bladder. You may want to urinate constantly because of this pressure. This is a very natural process…

Reflux in Pregnancy - Week 27 Pregnancy

As your uterus grows well, the pressure on the stomach is greatly increased. Therefore, you are more likely to see reflux. For this, we recommend that you sleep with a small pillow. In addition, it is important not to lie on a full stomach.

Shopping Advice to the Mother - Week 27 Pregnancy

Note from your baby:

Mommy, hello from our 27th week!

As you can tell from my voice this week, the development of my lungs is complete. As I grow up, it grows in your stomach, and if you lie down, we're both comfortable, mommy. Oh, look out! You shouldn't have strained your muscles when you're stretched. I learned something interesting from our doctor that if you eat excessive salt and spicy food and do not exercise, your eyes may be affected. So be careful not to eat too salty and spicy, Mommy, okay? During our 27th week, I liked learning new things about my mother the most. My dear family, what do you like most?

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