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Understanding the baby's body language

Understanding the baby's body language

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If your little baby closes his mouth tightly, turns his head, squinting, joins his hands, laughs screaming or fries his face, then he definitely wants to tell you something. Until your baby learns to speak, he / she will try to express his or her problem with gestures using body language. It is difficult for parents who have had their first experience to understand what the baby wants to tell. In time, you can solve the baby's movements and understand what he means by his movements and gestures. Thus, both your baby's self-confidence develops and the bond between you strengthens.

But understanding the body language of your baby is not an easy task. If your baby is crying aç I wonder if it's hungry; Does it hurt? Pan can panic you. But careful and intuitive mothers will understand their baby in a short time and can solve what they mean. If you follow him closely and unravel his movements, that means it's okay. Already all babies use a common language. Reactions such as joy, surprise and startled are the same in all babies. Hands and arms are opened, lips are curled, joy is screaming… It is easy to understand negative messages as well as positive ones. A grimace, a tense expression shows unhappiness. A baby bored of interest covers his face with his hand, hands to his ear. In such a case, stop playing with it. If he puts his arms out to you, continue the game, but if he tries to get rid of your lap, it means he's tired now, he doesn't want to play. When you spend time with your baby, if you act with the clues it gives, you will develop your trust and feel yourself in an environment full of love and trust. When you are sensitive to all the signals it sends to you, life will be easier for both of you.

If your baby is too small, gestures and facial expressions will help you. It is very comforting for you to talk a lot and strengthen communication. He may not understand you, but he examines you and listens with great care. Makes movements appropriate to your speech rhythm. In infants aged four to six months, the learning process is quick and your dialogue with it becomes easier. Now you can understand what he means and what he will do. When you change your face and pout at him laughing, he will immediately twist his lip and cry. A six-month-old baby no longer reacts to your interest to share his excitement, not instinctively. Every mimic that appears on his face has a meaning and begins to imitate the expression on the mother's face. He uses his mimics just like communicating with words. On the tenth month your baby tries to express whether he is happy, angry or excited. Already the mother and father of the baby is now untied. Babies also manage to express their discomfort with facial expressions. The painful expression on her face may indicate a problem with her tooth.

- When the babies are happy, their pupils grow, wrinkle their forehead, and open their mouth and eyes thoroughly.

- When it is bored, it can be strained, tightened, its face stretched and hung. In this case, he wants to be left alone.

- If his face is sour and pushing you with his hand, it means orum I don't want to eat pumpkin puree ”.

- If you are alive, smiling and cheerful this means you want to play the game.

- A scream like “Ooo anlam means that you like your toy very much.

- If he cries continuously without tears in his eyes, he is bored with his environment. You can draw his attention to something else.


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