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Mother-Baby Needs List

Creatures must reproduce in order to continue their generation. Reproduction is one of the vitality characteristics; that is, every living species is capable of reproduction. However, the role of women in the reproductive event in the human species is much more specific. Because,

With a miraculous system they have, women are too small to be seen sperm and egg the first seed of miracle zygote they create

The single-celled zygote grows, develops, and forms the baby of millions of cells in the best way the mother offers her.

Dear mothers; it is a miracle to carry, feel, grow, give birth and breastfeed each baby's cell as it forms. However, you should be aware of the fact that this process is not perfect at any moment, and sometimes it will tire you physically and psychologically.

Pregnancy, birth and baby care for you; while babies growth and development processes a list of all the products that will be required to ensure the best possible passability;

  • Pregnancy
  • 0-1 age period
  • For periods after 1 year


I'm pregnant!

Who doesn't want to have a perfect pregnancy? There are two main pillars of a trouble-free pregnancy. One of them mother, the other baby creates.

In order to cope with this period, it is necessary to know the needs of the mother and the baby and, if possible, to create a list of needs.

Let's create this list of needs together and start from the mother 

Choose Comfortable and Healthy Clothes During Pregnancy

In this period, your physical comfort is the most important thing. First of all, it will not make you uneasy and uneasy. it will not compress your baby and adversely affect its development You should choose clothes in style and fabric.

Pregnant mothers should have organic fabrics such as cotton and bamboo that they will keep in their lockers during pregnancy and they will be put in a birth bag. Fabrics should be flexible and should not interfere with mobility and should allow the growing belly to expand freely.

The shirts, blouses, dresses, nightgowns, dressing gowns and pajama sets are selected for the top. that is, under the chest should be chirped, if possible, with a rubbery pattern downward abundance.

T-shirt and sweatshirt models that are indispensable for mothers' walking, bazaar and market tours should have a large section. The trousers, tights and tracksuits selected for the bottom are flexible and wide so as not to squeeze your belly which will grow with the progression of pregnancy; the waist should be adjustable according to the size of your abdomen.

Underpants such as underbelly panties and puerpera panties; breastfeeding bras, breastfeeding athletes, breastfeeding lingerie and socks, such as underwear during the different periods of pregnancy you will need the most underwear.

You can click the link below for the products you need during pregnancy.

//www.e- / maternity-clothing-c3890 /

Prepare for Breastfeeding, the Perfect Bond between Mother and Baby!

Breastfeeding is a miraculous action that brings your baby to breast milk, the world's best food, and strengthens the bond of love and trust between mother and baby.

Breast milk is the ideal food for your baby for the first 6 months!

In terms of maternal and infant health, breastfeeding can be overcome with the least crisis with very simple measures. We recommend that you pick up the ingredients you need for breastfeeding during pregnancy.

Because, after coming home, you may not be desperate and find the right solutions, you may not go out and find suitable products and select them carefully.

  • First of all, in case you do not have milk, keep milk-increasing drinks at home.
  • In the event that your milk does not come in spite of these drinks, formula to feed your baby, formula, bottle, apron, baby bottle cord, mouth wipes; In order to clean the bottle, you should buy a bottle brush.
  • Just as your milk doesn't come in, it may cause problems. To prevent contamination of your clothes in case of excess milk breast pad You should receive.
  • If the milk is over-normal and your breasts cannot be emptied completely by the baby; a painful problem mastitis It may occur. To prevent this problem, you should express your breast milk with a breast pump after each breastfeeding.

If you want to review our Mastit article, you can click the link below.

mastitis; // www. / Mastitis-net-online-7-way roll /

  • You can store your milk in the freezer with milk storage bag / container and use it safely when you need it.
  • Breastfeeding mat for comfortable breastfeeding at home; for a comfortable and safe breastfeeding outside breastfeeding apron We recommend that you buy.
  • You can ensure a peaceful night's sleep by taking the pacifier, pacifier box / pacifier strap in case your baby is saturated, just in case you cry without stopping to suck.
  • In order to prevent the cracks caused by your increasing weight with pregnancy, crevice cream use will minimize the formation of permanent marks.
  • In order to prevent nipple wounds, one month before the birth and breastfeeding as needed. nipple cream you have to use.
  • You can safely use specially designed products such as pregnant sleep support pillow, pregnant waist support band, pregnant seat belt, support pillow / cushion for the expectant mothers to sleep, sit and ride in a peaceful and comfortable way.

Breastfeeding you can find all the products you need by clicking on the link below!

//www.e- / breastfeeding-c3787 /

Prenatal Needs and Things to Prepare for Your Baby in a Peaceful Environment

As a prospective mother, you have made all your preparations and are waiting for your baby. But is your home expecting a baby? To fully meet your baby's needs, you must make preparations before you are even born. Here is what needs to be done and urgent;

  1. Of course you should start by buying a safe crib or a park bed. You should complete the crib by choosing the products you need from bed-quilt, sleep set, park bed sleep set, bed linen, plush blanket, combed blanket, pillow, sheets, mattress cover made of organic materials.
  2. You should set up a closet to put your baby's clothes in and get enough small clothes hangers for tiny clothes. You should place textile products such as 10-unit hospital exit, boot bottom, swaddle, hat, gloves, underwear, bodysuit, 2 sets, socks, jumpsuit, short sleeve / long sleeve which are washed and ironed on hangers and drawers.
  3. You should put baby care products such as diapers, wet wipes, diaper rash, under-changing cover or under-opening when changing your baby's diaper close to a drawer or closet shelf. So you can change your baby's diaper in a more practical and hygienic way.
  4. You should not accumulate and wash your baby's dirty with your own. For this reason, you should definitely buy a special dirty bag for your baby.
  5. You should also make room for your baby in the bathroom. Because newborn foam shampoo, powder, towel, brush and comb set you will need when washing your baby should be at hand and together for a practical bathing experience.
  6. You should take your baby's special, sensitive and natural detergent and softener varieties in advance and put them in your detergent cabinet.
  7. You should get the Travel system stroller and home type lap. So you can bring her home safely once your baby is born.

All your needs for a peaceful pregnancy are okay. Now, all you need to do is bring together the ones that will help you in the hospital, prepare a hospital bag and wait for your baby.

Needs List for 0-1 Years Old Baby

     My Baby's First Story  

After bringing your baby into the world safely, you finally brought her home and celebrated it with a puerpera syrup. When your baby is at home and under your wing, if all his needs are met; it is highly likely that he will be a happy, confident and successful individual in the future.

To raise a strong baby, you need to meet both physical and psychological needs.

Here are the needs of a happy and strong baby between the ages of 0-1;

Happy Mother

The first condition for a baby to be happy is that the mother is happy. The first condition for a mother to be happy is to be healthy and to return to her former form as soon as possible. In this process, your best helpers;

crevice cream, firming cream, nipple cream and postpartum corset It will be.

A Peaceful and Safe Baby Room: The baby room should be peaceful and safe for your baby and practical and convenient for you.

For this, you must take;

  • A crib, cot or playground bed / park bed for your baby to sleep safely; orthopedic spring mattress
  • Dresser, closet, clothes hanger where you can organize and place your belongings
  • Curtain to control daylight entering and harmonize your baby room
  • Low or high lighting power
  • Walkie-talkie and camera to control your baby at any time
  • Materials such as diapers, newborn wet wipes, diaper changing cloth, diaper rash, dirty bags, dustbin and spare bags should be placed in a convenient place within the room so that you can reach them easily.

You can easily find everything you are looking for baby room products by clicking the link below!

Baby room products; //www.e- / baby-room-c3771 /

Special Bath and Care Products for Your Baby

Bath time of your baby physical and psychological affect the development. This effect is negative when the bath time is screaming; joyful and pleasant way to pass the positive.

This is not only due to the individual characteristics of your baby; Your attitude towards bathing and maintenance is also related to the products you use. The more calm and confident you are, the more peaceful your baby will be in the bathroom. As you stress, your baby will become tense and nervous.

  • A baby bath must be prepared with the bath feet, bath net and bath toys before starting to take a bath.
  • The bucket and mug set should be prepared and the temperature of the water in the bucket should be checked with thermometer and thermometer.
  • Baby bath fiber, newborn shampoo, soap, towels and bathrobes should be prepared and placed in the immediate vicinity of the bathtub. Because these materials will be needed when washing your mini products.
  • Wherever you are going to dress your baby after washing, the room should be laid on a soft floor with a changing mat and cushion.
  • Immediately next to the cushion, lotions, baby oil, powder, ear stick, cleaning cotton, nail care set, nasal aspirator, diaper and clothes should be put after the bath.
So you can care for your baby in a short time without getting cold and without stress after your bath.

A successful and complete bath will ultimately help your baby relax, Suitable temperature and humidity conditions You can sleep soundly in the room. If the room is cold and warm, and dry with steam machine and humidifier, if you provide the appropriate humidity conditions, your baby will sleep much better quality.

While your baby is sleeping, you can safely wash your baby's dirty clothes with granular soap, stain remover, detergent and fabric softener.

You can easily reach baby bath products by clicking the link below.

//www.e- / bath-care-c3765 /

Natural, Soft Clothing and Textile Materials Like Your Baby

Your baby needs clothing and textiles to maintain body temperature. Whether it is hot in summer or cold in winter, the clothes you choose for your baby are like bamboo, cotton 100% natural, soft and flexible should be.

The kind of clothes your baby will need the most; short sleeve body, long sleeve body, overalls, single bottom without booties, vest, cardigan, T-shirt, sweatpants, sleepwear, booties, jacket, cosmonaut first step shoesd. These products should be in your baby's closet, you can need any time.

Nutrition Needs for Your Baby's Growth and Development

Experts recommend only breast milk to babies for 0-6 months. For this reason, the most important nutritional needs of your baby up to the 6th month are breast milk and formula formula if they cannot get breast milk.

If the formula takes formula, the bottle, bottle teat, bottle and spout cleaner, sterilizer, bottle and food warmer are available.

After 6 months, the main source of nutrition for a baby is still breastmilk, formula formula if breastmilk is insufficient or cannot get the baby

However, in addition to breast milk, the baby starts to get used to additional nutrients. In order to prepare healthy food for your baby in this process, the first products that will help you are glass grater, baby juice, exercise glass, steamer

You will need to buy a high chair, a blanket cover and an apron so that your baby can eat safely and try to eat on his own without polluting the environment. You can carry the delicious meals you prepare for your baby wherever you want with the help of thermos and flasks without losing its warmth in the house.

You can click the link below for easy access to nutrition products

//www.e- / nutrition-c3799 /

Tools and Equipment Your Baby Will Need for a Safe Trip

The first thing you need for your baby to travel safely will be the baby care bag. So you'll need your baby during the day diaper, food, toy, replacement clothes You can easily carry such materials with you.

The other condition of the safe journey is to provide the comfort of your baby in the car with the tools such as towel sheath, car seat cover, lumbar support, and sun visor.

You took the care bag of your baby, made a safe journey with the car seat and accessories, and finally it was time to get out and get out of the car. One of the products you will need to travel safely with your baby outside is the kangaroo and the baby carriage.

With the help of accessories such as stroller net, stroller toys, raincoat, windbreaker and mosquito nets, your baby will not be affected by any weather conditions and physical conditions and will have fun in his stroller.

Game and Book Needs to Support Your Baby's Mental and Physical Development

Babies learn with the best games and books. Your little ones start sitting on average at 8 months. Until this time, they have the opportunity to observe the environment either on their mothers lap or in bed.

In this process, plush toys, crawling toys and play mats will support your baby's physical and mental development. Your baby will crawl after 8 months and will be encouraged to walk with products such as walkers and walking aids; It will have fun moments with hoppala, baby swing, playground and activity tables.

You can click on the link below to easily access the range of toys and books.

//www.e- / toy-book-c3729 /

Security Needs

Even when you are not with your baby between 0-1 years old; The best way to ensure that you are good at sleep or playing games is the baby safety products, such as reflux pillow, bedside pillow, baby monitor and security cameras.

Needs List for Your Baby 1 Year and Over

   My Baby Grows

You have finally left behind the most physically demanding period of motherhood. Your baby will begin to walk and soon learn to speak.

Thus, you will be able to communicate with your baby more effectively and share more enjoyable. Of course, you will need many things to make this process enjoyable for both you and your baby. Even if you have met most of these needs until your baby is 1, you will understand the necessity of some products much better after the age of 1.

Here is the sine qua non of babies after 1 year;

  • Your baby will feel safe and comfortable in itself, obtained from organic products such as pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, non-slip socks, sleeping bags and textile products such as pajama set should get.
  • You completed the deficiencies of your baby's room from cradle to bed, from carpet to curtain. However, you can now activate your baby's senses with baby wall decoration products that observe your environment more carefully and learn faster. Wall decoration products will change the air of your baby's room and add a different harmony.
  • After the age of 1, you will also start using a cane stroller, which is easier to carry and use in your short journeys besides the stroller.
  • Your baby will need more accessories after 1 year of age such as car seat belt cover, neck protective cushion, car seat toys, child seat belt, travel pillow, car seat cover, car side window sun visor that you have taken and used before.
  • To be able to travel more safely with isofix car seat which you started to use before 1 year of age; After 1 year you will also need a booster, isofix base and isofix belt.
  • After the age of 1, your baby should now consume all other natural nutrients as well as breast milk. You mothers will need helpers such as a yogurt machine and steamer to prepare delicious meals for your baby. Prepared delicious and healthy food for your baby to enjoy, safe and free to eat; plate-spoon-fork and apron need to receive.
  • You will need a reliable toothbrush and toothpaste to care for your baby.
  • For circumcised boys and girls and boys who start toilet training; should take circumcision and training panties.
  • You need to buy toilet seat adapters and seats for babies starting toilet training; To ensure hygiene of the toilet you should use products such as natural surface cleaner.
  • You should protect your baby's sensitive skin from the harmful rays of the sun with sunscreen creams.
  • For your baby to have a fun and safe bath time; Bathtub will slip, bath toy, bathroom accessories will need moisture and temperature meter.
  • You should never ignore the fact that home accidents are experienced too much and you should not forget the security door, bed rail, window lock, multi-purpose lock, socket cover, door stopper, corner protector, fridge lock, drawer lock, toilet seat lock, oven lock, cooker button safety You must protect your baby from hazards with safety products.
  • One of the activities that most support the development of a baby is the game. The most effective helper of a game is the correctly selected toys. You should expand your baby's imagination with puzzles, blocks, development books, battery-powered cars, fairy tale books and activity toys that you will get in accordance with your baby's age and development characteristics from the age of 1.

The expectation of each parent is that the expectant mother has a problem free pregnancy and that the baby grows peacefully, safely and healthily from the day of birth.

Who wouldn't want that!

But it is not enough to hope for something to happen. It is necessary to take action and take precautions. To do this, the first thing you need to do is to create a list of needs for both you and your baby.

Cute Info! Prepare your list of your needs during pregnancy, birth from the first 1 year and after 1 year if you separate as much financially as well as having trouble and products at one time you will not create unnecessary crowds

As long as you build your list of needs according to certain important periods, there is no reason why you should not have a problem-free pregnancy and your baby will not have a problem-free period.


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