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Ways to Say eş Brother Is Coming ize to Your Baby!

Ways to Say eş Brother Is Coming ize to Your Baby!

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Ways to Say eş Brother Is Coming ize to Your Baby!

It feels great to be a mom and dad. It specializes in full baby care, starts regular sleep, and you can enjoy it fully, so that your adaptation and relaxation Ne When is the second? ” as they start to print.

Well, maybe you're really ready to have another child; but what really makes you think of your baby brother is coming may be able to say.

Don't expect your miniature to behave like an adult in the face of sister news and prepare your offspring in the most healthy way.

Eş Brother is coming bil to say!

From the outside it may not seem to be too much to worry about, but for a new sibling baby it is very, very sensitive is a matter.

You should be able to communicate correctly with your baby during this process. The news that the sister is coming can be the basis of many problems in future relationships with both you and your sister when given to the baby without infrastructure.

Problems that may arise as a result of brother jealousy

The arrival of the baby without preparing your mini to the new individual who will join the family traumatic problems It may cause.

The most common problem, which is strong enough to affect your child's future life with a lasting effect, is the jealousy of siblings.

Brother jealousy the result of your child;

  • He can make plans to get rid of his little brother, to give him to the garbage truck, to give the guest to the house, to leave him on the bus.
  • He can hit his brother and squeeze his flesh every chance he gets. Every time you leave them alone and leave the room, the baby doesn't scream, reason for crying for no reason he may be battered by his older brother or older sister.
  • Parents will naturally spend more time with the baby in need of care, feeding, changing or sleeping. But brother jealousy living sister / older brother, his mother and father no longer love him, so he can think of care.
  • Sister / brother can mimic her brother to attract parents' attention. The big child who sees that their parents are very happy when your little baby pee trying to gain a toilet habit, poo in the middle of the hall and run to your side with great enthusiasm Mi Did you pee something, I pooped!! He can expect all of you to be happy about this news. You may also experience backward behavior, such as sucking fingers, incontinence, inability to sleep without shaking, pacifier or wanting to suckle breast milk.
  • The child may feel unpopular and excluded. If this emotion is internalized, even if your child is 50 years old love and trust problem viable.

How to prevent brother jealousy? You can watch our video.

Tips to Make Your Sister News Easier

A new baby is great news for both parents and older children. Because brother news As the responsibility of the parents increases with the older siblings, new responsibilities will be imposed. share one's love with another will have to.

But don't worry, you have almost 9 months ahead of you. If you communicate strongly with your child and proceed with the right steps, you will be able to get through the adjustment process very easily.

Talk to him in advance about whether he wants siblings or not!

If you are considering a new pregnancy, it is useful to check if your child wants a sibling when you have a good time.

If you say that the baby is coming if you want to have the idea of ​​this decision will feel itself valuable. Even though he regretted his decision and reacted and said that I don't want it anymore, he resisted his decision a bit. will respect and accept more easily you will.

Instead of dictating this idea to a child who expresses in absolute terms that he does not want siblings, accustom him to this idea!

Plan events where you can spend time with friends who have siblings or friends with more than one child.

Many children are brothers, especially when they play together and have a lot of fun, the child will look warmer to a new baby. When choosing your friend alone, pay attention to the little ones you bring together as an example, take the toys of his sister or his brother, disrupts or breaks your pencils your child may think he's right not to want a sibling.

The older child should be told by the mother and father!

Do not hide the news from your child when you learn that you will have a baby. If the child hears the news from someone else or finds out by chance that you overheard him talking, his confidence may be shaken.

In this case, he thinks that his parents and siblings are aware of everything and feels like he is left out of his plan, not only against you but also against his brother. may lose confidence.

Read themed story books coming to your child sister!

Even though you talk to your little ones for hours, you can sometimes solve a problem that you cannot tell and you will not be successful even if you try different tactics for days.

Brother coming to themed books in the content cute characters and with sweet stories it will prepare your puppy for the best by showing him that a new individual is nothing to be afraid of and that it does not happen to him alone.

You can click on the link below to access the story books easily.

//www.e- / search? text = book

You should give the message orum I understand your fears yerine instead of gereksiz Fear is too unnecessary!!

In order to prepare your child for the new their feelings and fears you must understand and understand to him. So he knows that you understand him and he trusts you and opens up, expresses your fears.

Instead of saying, gelince We'll play games with your brother when we come, we'll go on excursions, everything will be great! In give more realistic information!

It's a great feeling to have a new baby, yes, but don't tell your child when he comes to play games with you, we'll go out together and have fun.

Because at first things won't be so great. The baby will not be able to play immediately, cry all the time, eat food and poop, and will take up most of the time and attention of his parents.

Give him realistic information so as not to shake his trust, and tell him he's in need of care when he's first born, but when he's a little older, he can play games with him and have a lot of fun.

He can say that if he helps you and your brother in this process, you can handle every business together and involve him in the process. feeling of exclusion you can avoid.

Brother is coming Although it is very normal for you, it can be a great event for your child, or even a source of horror.

You must tell your young that you understand him / her, his / her feelings and fears, that this is not an extraordinary situation and that it is normal. As long as you can only message that it doesn't happen to you and you can handle everything together. strong family bond you can further strengthen.

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