All You Need to Know About Cesarean Birth!

All You Need to Know About Cesarean Birth!

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All You Need to Know About Cesarean Birth!

Birth is the most miraculous gift given to women. Becoming a mother, giving birth to a little bit of your own life and raising your little baby is the most wonderful feeling in the world

From the first moment you learn that you are pregnant, you find yourself in a common confusion of all these emotions. As your pregnancy progresses, it counts the days to hold your baby as soon as possible, healthy birth pray to perform.

Pregnant mothers are concerned about the birth of both their babies and their health in order to take care of their babies. Here is one of the most worried about the moment of birth

During pregnancy, you and your doctor will plan your baby's delivery method and time. Most doctors support normal birth as long as the circumstances allow, but sometimes when the mother's choice and sometimes pregnancy-related conditions are not suitable for normal birth. caesarean section may be preferred.

What is caesarean section, what is the difference from normal birth, how to do? Continue reading our article for how long the caesarean section lasted, when it was done, and for all those who are curious about it!

What is Cesarean Delivery? What is the difference from normal birth?

Normal delivery, vaginal deliveryCesarean section, In cases where normal delivery is not possible, a surgical operation is made just below the abdomen and a baby is removed from this cut.

Looking at this dilemma, there are many differences between the two modes of delivery;

  • Normal delivery, is a natural form of birth; Cesarean section is a kind of surgery.
  • Cesarean section to reach the uterus from the abdominal region, while normal delivery occurs vaginally incision with.
  • In cesarean section, anesthesia is applied twice as much as normal delivery.
  • Recovery time in cesarean section is longer than normal delivery.
  • Caesarean section can be seen as more advantageous considering the problems that may occur in the baby.

How is cesarean section performed?

One of the most curious subjects of the prospective mothers about cesarean delivery is'How to make cesarean section? ' It is the question.

Cesarean section is a kind of surgery. 'How is cesarean birth? ' question step by step;

  1. First, the needle is placed into the vein with the idea that you may need to give the mother medicine or fluid.
  2. Then anesthesia application is started.
    1. If general anesthesia is to be performed, the mother is completely anesthetized by intravenous anesthesia. To overcome the effect of postoperative anesthesia 1-2 hours go through is required.
    2. If epidural anesthesia is to be performed, drug is administered from the mother's back region and anesthetized below the waist. The expectant mother does not feel pain but becomes conscious.
  3. After anesthesia, under the abdomen, about the upper part of the pubic hair line, also called the bikini line 8-10 cm long an incision is opened.
  4. The opened incision is applied in 7 layers. Skin, subcutaneous, muscle sheath, abdominal anterior wall muscle, outer abdominal membrane, inner abdominal membrane and uterine muscle 7-fold cut It opens.
  5. The baby is removed from the incision by exploding the amniotic sac.
  6. The baby's umbilical cord is cut and the placenta is removed.
  7. The inside of the uterus is cleaned and the stitches are placed one by one.
  8. Sewing is done with a special material which melts itself and does not need to be removed after the boiling. In addition, internal stitches are not noticed from the outside.
  9. At the end of all these procedures, if the mother has received general anesthesia, she is awakened and taken to the room.

What are the conditions that require cesarean section?

Under normal conditions, the most ideal form of birth for the health of the mother and the baby vaginal (normal) birth.

The baby is born when the time of birth comes without the need for any surgery and procedures

However, sometimes conditions are not appropriate for normal birth or mother or in terms of baby's health birth may be a normal risk. In such cases, cesarean section is the most appropriate option.

In cases where cesarean delivery is required;

  • It is necessary in cases where the baby's partner, the placenta, comes before the baby.
  • Baby a large and overweight baby, prevents vaginal passage and vaginal tears why could it be.
  • The narrow roof of the mother prevents the birth of the child in the normal way and cesarean section is preferred.
  • If the baby enters the birth canal sideways or reverse (outpatient instead of the head), normal birth is risky.
  • In multiple pregnancies such as twins, triplets, normal birth is risky and cesarean section is performed.
  • If any heart problems occur in the mother or the baby, an emergency caesarean section is required.
  • If the mother has previously delivered by cesarean section, she may have to give birth again in this way. Normal deliveries can be given for deliveries after cesarean section; however, during normal birth the previous incision danger of tearing There.
  • Mothers who fear birth pains or normal birth can choose cesarean delivery with their own preferences.

In addition, if some problems occur during delivery while giving birth in a normal way, caesarean section can be started immediately.

Circumference of the umbilical cord around the baby's neck, prolonged delivery than expected, and the absence of opening in the cervix despite the onset of pains may require urgent cesarean section

What is the week of cesarean section? You can watch our video.

To perform the cesarean section, such as normal birth start of pains with uterus opening there is no need to wait.

For this reason, if a cesarean section is to be performed in a pre-agreed manner, a certain date is planned by your doctor and the date of birth is given.

This date is usually After the 39th week It is given.

Because the development of the unborn baby continues this week and the birth takes place before the 39th week, baby's health and development can have negative consequences.

  1. If we talk about why the week is important;
  • Exact formation of absorption and swallowing reflexes
  • No vision and hearing problems
  • Baby's ability to maintain body temperature by himself
  • Full body weight of the baby
  • Most important; it is of utmost importance that the baby occurs after the 39th week in terms of completing the lung, liver and brain development.

For this reason, the most appropriate week for cesarean delivery is after 39 weeks of gestation.

How Long Does Cesarean Section Take?

Although caesarean section is an anesthetic operation, caesarean section The average duration is 30 minutes to 1 hour.

General anesthesia or epidural anesthesia is preferred by choosing one of the options, the procedure continues with a cut under the abdomen.

The removal of the baby through this incision is approx. 5-10 minutes between. The remaining time; This is the time taken to remove the placenta, cut the umbilical cord and suture the tissues.

Can Cesarean Section Pass?

In the past, in cesarean operations, the incision site was stitched with thread, and after the seam was boiled, the stitches were taken after a doctor's examination.

Today, however, with a method called aesthetic stitch, the incision is sutured from the inside and no seams from the outside are seen.

In this method, the yarns spontaneously melt after the seams have boiled. As a caesarean section, some women a very thin pink line remains in some women, no trace is noticed.

Considerations After Cesarean Delivery

Fresh mothers who have given birth normally can return home the next day after birth and show full recovery within 1-2 weeks, caesarean section After 1-2 days hospital rest of the mothers who give birth to their baby, they return home and have a recovery period of about 4-6 weeks.

This is completely related to the closure of the incision site and its restoration.

Attention! The presence of a cut wound in the abdomen requires the mother to take care of the post-procedure care and to be careful.
  • The incision site should be dressed regularly and consult your doctor if inflammation symptoms such as redness, discharge, swelling occur.
  • Care should be taken to keep the sutures dry for about a week. For this purpose, standing shower should be preferred by protecting the seam with protection bands.
  • A comprehensive bath should be avoided until your doctor gives permission.
  • Stitching should be kept constant while sneezing, laughing and coughing.
  • Heavy lifting, sitting upright, strenuous work should be avoided and plenty of rest.

In order not to open the stitches, care should be taken not to be constipated during this period and plenty of water and liquid should be consumed by eating protein-weighted foods. Nutrition should be taken care of.

You know that breast milk is the most ideal food for your baby in the postpartum period and you are breastfeeding your baby. So how to feed during breastfeeding? What foods make gas? What can I eat to increase my milk? How can I lose my postpartum weight?

If you are curious about these questions, you can find the answers to the questions by clicking the links below.

Nutrition recommendations for breastfeeding; //

Postpartum weight loss; //

  • Up to 4-6 weeks after caesarean section, intense and clot at the beginning of time as the pink color and then yellow and white bleeding and discharge may turn. The pads used during this period should be replaced frequently to reduce the risk of infection.
  • The stitches should be preserved while lying down at night and the prone position should be avoided. Putting a pillow between the legs can lighten your body weight.
  • Cesarean section After 4 to 6 weeks of sexual intercourse should be avoided. It is necessary to be careful not to force the body to recover and restore the seams.

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