5 Ways to Get Pregnant!

5 Ways to Get Pregnant!

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5 Ways to Get Pregnant!

You are a harmonious couple, you have a good relationship and now you want to crown it with a baby.

How to stay pregnant, of course you know the answer.

But the key to this is not just getting involved at the right time. In addition, a healthy body and a healthy environment where the baby will develop. Of course, even if you meet all these conditions you need to know that there is a process that you may not get results immediately. However, what should be done in this process, what should not be done or what should be paid attention to very well.

Planned pregnancy is very important especially for the health of mother and baby. Nevertheless, the number of people who reached the desired month result is not very high.

For this reason, many women look for clues to complete this process in a shorter period of time, to have a healthier pregnancy and to give birth to a healthier baby.

Well, easily ways to become pregnant What?

What are the ways to get pregnant?

Some of you have just stopped being protected, and some have been waiting for months to see double lines. However, it is a known fact that expectant mothers are very impatient in this process. As each menstrual date approaches, a great excitement surrounds the expectant mother. “I hope I'm not menstruating” by constantly suggesting.

When the day comes and menstruation is poured from the beginning boiling water. It is uncommon to get results in the first month of pregnancy.

Therefore, you should be patient in this process and focus on what you need to do to get pregnant.

Get a Gynecologist Examination!

A healthy body is more likely to become pregnant. Therefore, if you are planning to become pregnant, you should consult a gynecologist before stopping protection.

Your doctor pelvic ultrasonography and if you have not done so recently. smear test will want to do. So you can be sure that you don't have any problems with your reproductive system, and if you have any problems, you can be treated before pregnancy.

In addition, blood, urine analysis and TORCH tests things can also be requested.

Also in order to avoid birth defects folic acid recommend that you use

Folic acid is very important for the development of the baby. DNA synthesis and cell division It is important to start before conception because of its important role during pregnancy and because it is a vitamin that is not stored in the body.

You can review our article on folit acid and its importance during pregnancy. Click on the link below to access the article.

// www. / Pregnancy-done in-folic-acid-and-one I /

Get rid of your harmful habits and eat healthy!

The first condition to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, from a healthy body Pass. Therefore, if you plan to become pregnant alcohol and smoking you should get rid of such harmful habits.

In addition, if there is an irregular eating habit, it should be changed, snapping your ideal weight care should be taken.

Obesity and overweight are some of the risk factors for conception.

In overweight people;

  • Irregular period
  • Low risk
  • Hypertension
  • Infertility
  • Pregnancy sugar
  • Premature birth
  • Baby death
  • Overweight baby
  • Neural tube defects risks increase.

What is a neural tube defect? If you are curious, you can review our article. Click on the link below to access the article.

// www. / Neural-tube-defect-definition /

For this reason, reaching overweight before pregnancy increases the fertility and chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

The same applies to extreme weakness. Body weight should be Less than 15% is a risk factor for pregnancy. In these people malnutrition In the case of pregnancy, it is absolutely necessary to apply the nutrition type suitable for pregnancy with a specialist.

In particular, a diet program that is free from excessively sweet foods and processed foods should be preferred.6 nutrients that help you get pregnant You can review our article. Click the link below to access the article! // www. / Fertility-stay-aid-6-nutrient /


It is important to prepare your body for pregnancy. How your pregnancy will pass depends on your pre-pregnancy life and order.

Therefore, even a short walk during the day will make a great contribution to your body. Through sports your respiratory and circulatory system works better.

It is a known fact that sports performed before and during pregnancy reduce and eliminate many negative effects of pregnancy. Therefore,

Exaggerated dose of sports, both make it easier to get pregnant and brain and body It will have a positive effect on you.

The important point here is not to overdo it.

Excessive exercise in women menstruation as a reason infertility It is known.

How many days after illness should she try to become pregnant to become pregnant? You can watch our video.

Reduce Your Caffeine Dose!

Coffee is an indispensable drink for many. Caffeine Hormone of happiness one serotonin As it promotes the secretion, it gives people pleasure and helps to reduce stress levels.

But, easy ways to get pregnant If prospective mothers also want to have a healthy pregnancy, they should reduce their daily caffeine intake to a minimum.

Based on research showing that excessive consumption of caffeine reduces the chance of getting pregnant naturally, it is recommended that mothers should not drink more than two cups of coffee a day.

Intercourse on the right days with sufficient frequency!

Let's set aside the substances that we talk about in order to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. methods of conception If we say what they are, a number of course will be to enter into the relationship.

However, it is important to have a relationship at the right time and with sufficient frequency. Of course, the relationship dynamics of each couple are different. Therefore, it is not correct to determine a certain frequency for couples.

This can, on the contrary, create tension and stress in the couple. Rather than being happy, the feeling of realization only for the baby can cool couples from sexuality.

Average per week 2-3 days of sexual intercourse enough to get pregnant.

However, if the work is to be guaranteed, the frequency of intercourse may be increased on the days close to ovulation days. Many couples have sexual intercourse every day on the day of ovulation to get pregnant faster.

However, many experts believe that lowers sperm quality advocates. Therefore, it is more accurate to have an intercourse relationship these days. Because sperm can remain in the female body for more than 48 hours.

Therefore, overexposure does not adversely affect the possibility of fertilization by combining the egg and sperm. The egg can survive for a maximum of 24 hours.

Click on the link below to calculate your day of ovulation.

// www. / Ovulation-the-hesaplamademo g /

In particular, intercourse before ovulation may increase your chances of getting pregnant, as this will increase the chance of encountering sperm when ovulation occurs. If you have difficulty following your ovulation day; create your own menstrual calendar, observe changes in your body, or ovulation tests You can use.

In addition to all these things in order to be a healthy individual and to prepare for pregnancy, we should not forget that we should not stress and not only engage with the idea of ​​the baby.

Stress is also one of the major factors that can prevent pregnancy.

Ways to get pregnant After learning what they are, all you have to do is to follow all of this and pay attention to your health. In the end, you will receive the happy news.

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